Three TCC Students Named 2022 Oklahoma TRIO Hall of Fame

Three Tulsa Community College students, Kimberly Hoover, Tracy Moore, and Jerome Philpot, were selected for the 2022 Oklahoma TRIO Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Oklahoma Division of Student Assistance.

These individuals have demonstrated academic excellence, commitment to education, leadership, and perseverance in achieving their educational goals. Each one will be awarded a $500 TRIO scholarship from the TCC Foundation.

Kimberly Hoover is pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts. She reached out to TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) for help in how to get started with taking online classes and help with technology to connect her with the program.

“When my summer math classes started, TRIO also let me use the technology necessary to do my work in the TRIO Learning Center,” says Hoover. “The support of TRIO has been outstanding. From helping me to stay on course with my class schedule for graduation, to finding an online counselor for the stresses of school and life in general, they are there for me.”

When a job injury forced Tracy Moore to take medical retirement, he used the change in circumstances to continue his education. Moore, a veteran and married with two young boys, was also a first-generation college student.

Thirty years after first starting college, he returned and used the Veteran Readiness and Employment program. Moore also realized he could benefit by using the student resources provided including help from TRIO SSS. He graduated in Dec. 2021 with a degree in Information Technology.

“The TRIO SSS staff provided assistance in finding accommodation for my medical issues, advising for educational goals, tutoring, and daily encouragement, especially those days I felt discouraged,” says Moore. “My TRIO family encouraged me, inspired me and now my family and I will be the beneficiaries of the hard work and sacrifices that we have made.”

Jerome Philpot graduated in Dec. 2021 as an Honors Scholar with a degree in Liberal Arts. As an adult, he started classes as part of his work with drug court and saw college as a way to improve his life. TRIO SSS helped him navigate college and even provided additional support from enrollment help to tutoring during the pandemic to help overcome additional barriers.

“With COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges was my lack of computer skills,” says Philpot. “When classes went online, I considered dropping out, but the TRIO advisors and staff helped me and encouraged me more than they will ever know. They made all the difference in the world and helped me to believe in myself and stay the course.”

TRIO SSS helps first generation college students, economically challenged students and students with disabilities. Students receive individualized support services such as tutoring, academic advising, university transfer counseling, career exploration guidance, assistance in applying for scholarships and other forms of financial aid, and educational and cultural events for students. The services are free to qualified students.

Additional benefits include tuition waivers awarded through TRIO SSS each year. This year approximately 50 students will each be awarded a $1,000 tuition waiver. Plus, TRIO SSS students are first in line to enroll for classes each semester. TRIO SSS also awards four $500 TRIO Achiever scholarships each year, funded by the TCC Foundation.

TCC is currently accepting applications to the TRIO SSS program. Email or call (918) 595-8970 for more information.