Grant Development

The Grants Office includes the Offices of Sponsored Programs and Grant Compliance and Accounting. Each has a unique function, staff, and reporting structure. Combined, the grants office helps ensure public funding successfully completes the lifecycle of a grant.

Students: The Grants Office supports institutional grants; if you are a student seeking grant money or scholarships for college, please visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office or call 918-595-2010.


  • The Blue Book provides an overview of Tulsa Community College, including our student and academic profiles and information on current grants.
  • Our Grants Portfolio provides details on current awards, pending proposals, and possible future grants.

Processes and Procedures

Information regarding Grant Development and Grant Management processes and procedures.

Grants Services

Sponsored Programs

  • Researches funding sources
  • Facilitates program development
  • Develops proposals, including forming the grant writing team
  • Reviews and/or edits final proposals
  • Manages the approval and review process for all grant-related documents
  • Coordinates the final submission of all public grant applications
  • Assists during program implementation, including contract review and approval
  • Provides training and technical assistance to faculty and staff

Grant Accounting

  • Ensures fiscal compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including Office of Management and Budget Uniform Grant Guidance, funding agency regulations, and specific grant program regulations
  • Oversees post-award processing of grants
  • Establishes new grant accounts and monitors grant budgets
  • Invoices sponsoring agency
  • Communicates with Human Resources regarding staffing adjustments based on a funded proposal
  • Monitors time and effort reporting and reconciliation
  • Submits quarterly, annual, and final financial reports
  • Offers orientations for new grant employees, including Banner training workshops held twice a year

Mission, Vision and Values


The Offices of Sponsored Programs and Grant Accounting support TCC by strategically securing public funding for programs and initiatives to maximize student success, professional development, and community engagement. The two departments also serve as stewards of existing grants by promoting sound fiscal and program management and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations and institutional policies and procedures.


TCC’s Offices of Sponsored Programs and Grant Accounting will enhance student success, professional development, and community engagement through increased grant funding, collaborative partnerships, fiscal integrity and compliance, and best practices in grant development and administration.

Guiding Values

Integrity, Collaboration, Quality, Reliability, Creativity, and Adaptability


Grants Accounting and Sponsored Programs share an office. While anyone in the office can direct you to the appropriate person to answer your questions, in general, pre-award questions should be directed to Sponsored Programs and post-award questions should be directed to Grant Accounting.


6111 E. Skelly Dr, Suite 214
Tulsa, OK 74135

Sponsored Programs Staff

Barbara Waxman, Ph.D., Director of Sponsored Programs

Jeff Brown, Assistant Director of Sponsored Programs

Grant Accounting Staff

Ellie Selden, Senior Grant Accountant

Shelby Go, Grant Accountant