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TCC Event Support (Internal College Use Only)

IT technical and A/V support for college events will be provided based on the availability of staff and resources. Events should be scheduled with enough advance notification (we ask a minimum of four weeks) to prevent scheduling conflicts with other departments in the College. Additionally, the job description and training of technical staff will also be considered when tasking personnel to support college events. At a minimum, IT staff will deliver and set up equipment which is available and owned by IT. Commitments to operate equipment for the duration of an event (especially after normal business hours) will be evaluated on a case by case basis considering the size and scope of the event, budgetary constraints and regular job responsibilities (current operational work load).

Please begin the process by contacting the Student Support Center and requesting a ticket be opened to initiate the planning and coordination process of your respective event. IT staff will then be in contact with you (generally within 24-48 hours) to discuss the approval process for your event.