Fitness Center Hours and Group Fitness Schedules


  Metro Northeast Southeast West
Monday - Thursday 6 am- 7 pm 6 am - 7 pm 6 am - 7 pm 6 am - 7 pm
Friday 6 am - 5 pm 6 am - 5 pm 6 am - 5 pm 6 am - 5 pm
Saturday 8 am - 12 pm Closed 8 am - 12 pm Closed
Sunday Closed Closed Closed Closed


Group Fitness Schedules

Northeast Fitness Center

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
11:15-11:45 Tone Spin TRX-Tabata Strength
11:50-12:00 Abs   Abs  
12:30-1:15   Strength   Spin
2:30-2:50   Mindful Relaxation Mindful Relaxation  

Metro Fitness Center

Metro Fitness Center Courses
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:00 AM Fusion   Fusion    
12:00 PM Spin Shred Spin Shred 20/20
1:00 PM Yoga-ish Yoga Yoga-ish Yoga  
5:30 PM Cardio Boxing 20/20 Cardio Boxing    


SPIN: This is a 45 minute indoor cycling class taught by highly motivated instructors. Be prepared to sweat! 

SHRED: This is a 30-45 minute fun, effective, high intensity, metabolic conditioning workout that will leave you wanting more! It consists of multiple circuits that combine 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. 

20/20: Get your fitness in focus with this awesome variety style class! Come for the first 20 minutes, the second 20 minutes, or the whole class. Class will begin at 5:30pm and then warm-down or warm-up at 5:50pm, however you approach it! The second half will start promptly at 6:00pm. 

FUSION: Fusion is a Yoga-Barre hybrid workout. It consists of four blocks featuring core, strength, Barre and cardio with bookends of a yoga warm-up and cool-down that participants of all levels will love! 

YOGA: This is a well-rounded yoga class featuring Vinyasa flow, sculpting, and restoration of mind, body, and soul. It is sure to strengthen and stretch your entire body. All levels welcome. 

YOGA-ISH: Not good at yoga? It's OK! This is a very basic class designed with the beginner in mind. This is a 20-ish minute yoga session followed up with 10-ish minutes of meditation.

CARDIO BOXING: This high intensity interval training workout sculpts your body and burns calories. Your trainer will lead you through explosive boxing rounds where you'll deliver punches in a combination format, working your entire body on our heavy bags. We have gloves, but they are limited, so if you have your own, bring them!  

West Fitness Center

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:15 AM   TRX   TRX  
12:00 PM Total Body Bootcamp Yoga R-N-R  
4:00 PM Bootcamp R-N-R Total Body Tabata  


Southeast Fitness Center



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:30 PM Cycle Fusion Iron Impact Cycle Iron Impact Full-Body Friday
5:00 PM Zumba Zumba Zumba    

 *All 12:30 classes are set-up into TWO 20-30 minute blocks so you are able to get a quick workout in or stay for the full 40-60 minute class.


This is a 45-60 minute indoor cycle class for all ages and fitness levels. Cycle enhances cardiovascular fitness, improves muscle tone, and muscular endurance. Come ready to sweat!


This is a 45-60 minute cycle class but we add in different forms of exercise to keep your muscles guessing. This class includes H.I.I.T., strength, and circuit training. Come ready to sweat!


FBF is a class that hits all of the major muscle groups by utilizing strength, cardio, and stretching. Join us to end the week right and jump start the weekend!


This 30-45 minute class primarily focuses on strength training and muscle hypertrophy by means of resistance training. As iron sharpens iron, so too, it will make you stronger! 


This 45 minute class is for everyone and combines Latin dancing with interval training for a full-body, rythnic workout. Come join the party!