TCC Design Institute

Facilitated by the Engaged Learning Instructional Design Team

Course design is the key to creating significant learning opportunities and rich, active classroom environments which support meaningful student learning. You are invited to participate in a unique and inspiring professional learning experience designed specifically for TCC faculty to guide you in bringing significant learning into your courses.

The Design Institute is an immersive, five-day, hands-on seminar that provides you the opportunity to experience the iterative, dynamic, and scholarly process of learner-focused course design.

During the Design Institute, you will consider new possibilities and common challenges, such as why some students are motivated while others are not, how you know students are learning, and what significant learning looks like. You will be inspired and equipped to make incremental changes to your course that will, in fact, change your students' lives.

The work in the Design Institute applies to all learning environments - on-campus, blended, or online.

What Will You Take Away from the Institute?

You will...

  • Evaluate strategies associated with positive learning outcomes for use in your course.
  • Design a course that includes activities and assessments that support your course outcomes.
  • Recognize how and why certain aspects of learning environments impact student motivation.
  • Feel supported, successful, and excited about teaching.

What Will You Be Doing Each Day?

The days will pass quickly. Each day you will participate in activities, have individual work time, and engage in peer sharing. Your participation can help you become the teacher you dream of being, a teacher who creates truly transformative learning experiences for students.

Selection Criteria

All complete applications will be placed in a lottery for the open seats.

Details You May Be Interested in:

​There will be no August 2020 Design Institute.

Please check back for more information about May 2021, or contact either the Engaged Learning Office ( or the Engaged Learning Instructional Design Team (