High‐Impact and Significant Instructional Practices

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One of our guiding principles in the division is to provide development opportunities around “HIPs,” high-impact instructional strategies (Kuh, 2008), or what Dee Fink (2003) refers to as approaches that lead to “significant learning.” These educational best practices—including service-learning, team-based learning, first-year seminars and other common intellectual experiences, collaborative assignments and projects, internships, global learning, writing-intensive exercises/courses, undergraduate research, student learning communities, and study abroad experiences—are linked to increased rates of student retention and student engagement. Importantly, as AACU Past-President Carol Geary Schneider argues in her Introduction to Kuh’s monograph (linked above), these kinds of curricular, co-curricular, and pedagogical educational practices are also correlated with enhanced achievement of the kinds of knowledge, capabilities, and personal qualities that we all need now, and which students must have the opportunity to develop. Click a box, below, for more information about HIPs at TCC.