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The goal of the interdisciplinary research group is the formation of teams of faculty representing different schools from TCC who develop different aspects of research investigations with sustainability, energy, accessibility, health, happiness, and social policy as the central theme. Social facets of the chosen theme should be emphasized by at least one school. Formation of teams will be ongoing.

Each participating faculty member will agree to assist one classroom section in an investigation. Faculty team members meet several times during each semester with the goal of one student research abstract submission. TCC will work to fund the travel if abstracts are chosen. The Engaged Learning office will assist with communication and travel arrangements.

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For written work by Dr. Diana Spencer

Spencer, Diana. “Tulsa Community College.” Investing in Impact: The Power of Undergraduate Research: Council on Undergraduate Research, 2015. Pages 26-27. Print and www.cur.org

Collaboration through Professional Development with the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative (CCURI)
CUR Biology Division Newsletter (Volume 7, Number 2: Spring/Summer 2017)

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