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Start a Cybersecurity or Data Science Career — on Us

Demand for cybersecurity and data science professionals isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Information security, for instance, is a fast-growing field, projected to grow 33 percent between 2020 and 2030.1 Data analytics jobs, on the other hand, are projected to grow by 31 percent in the same time period.2

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The Cyber Skills Center at TCC, in partnership with edX, offers two flexible, 24-week accelerated training programs, in cybersecurity and in data science at no cost to you.

The program is open for applications from adult learners in the Tulsa area. To be considered for a fully-funded award, you must be 18 years or older and a resident of the Tulsa Metro Area (Tulsa, Osage, Wagoner, Creek, and Okmulgee). We especially encourage Tulsans from diverse cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds — as well as from underrepresented groups — to apply, as funding awards are impact-driven.

TCC Cybersecurity program


Every organization needs cyber professionals to protect its systems and data from illegal security breaches. If you like to solve tricky puzzles, outsmart your friends at board or video games, or piece together clues when watching crime drama, then you might be a good fit for cybersecurity jobs. Learn how to develop, assess and maintain critical digital safeguards for your organization — and stand out in your cybersecurity career with robust cybersecurity skills.

TCC Data Analytics program

Data Analytics

Data rules our world. Every organization uses it to measure how they’re doing — and what they can do better. Gain basic data analytics skills, and a wide swath of career opportunities will open to you. If you like to read graphs and maps while watching the news, follow the latest trends, and discover new trends before everyone else — or win arguments using hard numbers — data analytics may be perfect for you.

What's Included?

TCC is covering tuition costs for 40 learners, 20 for the Cybersecurity program and 20 for the Data Analytics program.

The Cyber Skills Center will provide the following to learners selected for one of the fully-funded seats:

  • All tuition costs
  • Access to childcare
  • Access to transportation
  • Career-readiness support
  • Required equipment

You read that right: The Cyber Skills Center training is free to 20 selected learners.

Plus: Optional One-Year Apprenticeship

Eligible funding recipients and Cyber Skills Center graduates have access to a one-year apprenticeship program operated by Cyber Skills Center Partner Skillstorm. The apprenticeship program provides 10 additional weeks of job-specific training. After completing the initial 10 weeks, successful participants receive a paid, remote-work contract in cybersecurity or data analytics — from a major national employer.

The apprenticeship offers a crucial first year of quality work experience — and the cybersecurity and data analytics skills you learn are applicable to virtually any modern organization.

Who Should Apply?

Any adult in the Tulsa area.

You may already have the basic skills you need to soon succeed in cybersecurity or data analytics career paths. TCC’s Cyber Skills Center accelerated program in cybersecurity or data analytics will teach you how to apply your core skills to new problems, and will equip you with new in-demand technical tools and skills you will need to take your career to new levels.

This program is perfect for:

  • Career changes and upskillers
  • Those who want to advance their careers but aren’t ready to commit to a four-year degree
  • Transitioning military
  • Gamers, artists, and other creatives who want to get into a high-grown technology career

The next application will open in August. Be the first to know when the application reopens by completing our interest form.



The program is free for selected funding applicants. But there’s more: Thanks to our partnerships, when you successfully complete either of the two IT programs at the Cyber Skills Center, the credits you will have earned along the way will count towards a degree at TCC and be transferable to several other regional four-year higher education institutions.

We offer, at no cost to students:

  • Credits that transfer to our partner institutions
  • Skills applicable in a wide array of industries
  • Apprenticeship contract (paid) and workforce placement

Not Eligible for Funding?

For those that are not eligible for funding, or are not selected for one of our 20 available awards, you are still welcome to enroll using alternative funding sources. Program tuition is $12,000. If you would like to discuss alternative funding options for the May 2023 cohort we encourage you to request more information to connect with an Admissions Advisor to discuss.

Program Partners

Tulsa Innovation Labs
Oklahoma State University
University of Tulsa
Black Tech Street
Madison Strategies Group
Tulsa Community College

1 U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022). Occupational Outlook Handbook: Information Security Analysts. Retrieved June 14, 2022.

2 U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2022). Occupational Outlook Handbook: Data scientists and mathematical science occupations, all other. Retrieved June 14, 2022.