Dual Credit Eligibility and Testing

If you are a high school student and wish to enroll in a TCC Dual Credit program you must meet all admission and enrollment eligibility requirements. If you are eligible, take advantage of tuition waivers for high school juniors and seniors.

Enrolling for Summer and Fall courses

Summer college classes start Monday, June 7, 2021 and fall college classes start Monday, August 16, 2021 for all students. High school fall semester start dates may differ.

Because of COVID-19, we have changed the enrollment process for Summer and Fall 2021. To get started, contact your high school counselor or contact Dual Credit Programs at TCC. Learn more about our Dual Credit Programs.

College Admission Requirements

All students must be juniors or seniors (junior status begins in the summer semester after the 10th grade) and be eligible to graduate from high school in the spring of their senior year to meet the criterion. Students who attend unaccredited high schools and home schools must have completed enough high school coursework to be equivalent to an individual who is classified as a junior or senior at an accredited high school. Students not qualified by grade level may be considered for opportunity admissions.

A detailed explanation of the OSRHE policy on dual credit is available in the OSRHE Policy and Procedures Manual - Section 3.10. College admission does not guarantee eligibility for course placement.

Required Scores For Admission

To be admitted to the college, high school students from both accredited and unaccredited high schools will submit transcripts and /or national test scores sheets that meet or exceed the minimum score on any eligible test or unweighted high school GPA.

Eligible Tests Minimum Score
National ACT 19 composite
Pre-ACT 19 composite
Residual ACT1 19 composite
SAT 990 composite
PSAT 10/NMSQ 990 composite
OR High School GPA 3.0 unweighted

1 The National ACT or SAT can be repeated without consequence. One residual ACT per year (from November 1 to October 31) is valid for concurrently enrolled high school students’ admission and course placement.

Next Step for Ineligible Students

On-campus ACT testing is available to students who test below the minimum score for admission.

Required Admission Documents

  • Online application for admission2 (all students)
  • Current high school transcript (all students)
  • Documentation of test scores (optional if applying under GPA option for accredited high schools)

2 Receipt of student ID number is the first step in the admission process. Admission is completed when the high school transcript is vetted and all criteria met.

College Enrollment Requirements

At minimum, all students shall demonstrate college readiness in a subject area to be eligible to enroll in a college level course in the corresponding subject area. All students must meet the criterion for enrollment. Any student who is unable to demonstrate college readiness in reading will not be permitted enrollment in college level courses. Students are prohibited from auditing courses or enrolling in physical education courses as well as any form of developmental education, including any configuration in which developmental education is embedded within a credit bearing course (i.e.. Corequisite courses).

Workload: Combined enrollment may not exceed 19 credit hours per long semester or 9 credit hours in the summer. Each high school course (1/2 unit) listed on the semester high school schedule is counted as 3 credit hours of load—non-academic units excluded.

Enrollment must be completed and delivered to TCC each semester. Students may list multiple choices for course enrollment in the fillable word document online at tulsacc.edu. Enrollment staff will process in the order of courses listed.

Re-enrollment is contingent upon the student maintaining a college GPA of 2.0 or higher in all college courses. Submission of form does not guarantee enrollment. Students may check MyTCC for semester enrollment.

Curricular area ACT or
Residual ACT
Pre-ACT (10th grade) SAT PSAT10/
placement testing
Unweighted High School GPA3 (ACCREDITED high school)
Reading 19 19 510 510 See TCC academic advisor 3.2 (unweighted)
English 19 19 510 510 See TCC academic advisor 3.2 (unweighted)
Science 19 19 N/A N/A See TCC academic advisor 3.2 (unweighted)
Math4 194 194 5104 5104 See TCC academic advisor Varies (unweighted)4

3 Juniors from accredited high schools may submit a completed four-semester 10th grade transcript and seniors may submit a five-semester transcript to enroll based on unweighted high school GPA.

4 Math score is dependent on the math course in which student is enrolling. For further information, please contact academic advising or dual credit programs

Next Steps for Ineligible Students

The TCC Accuplacer Test is available to students that test below the minimum required score for course enrollment. TCC Accuplacer is a course placement test and is not used for college admission. Students must obtain a testing referral from a TCC academic advisor and must comply with all testing requirements. For additional questions about testing visit with Testing Services.

Enroll in a Dual Credit Program

Each Dual Credit program has a unique enrollment process. Follow the steps on each program page to start the enrollment process.

Enrollment Form Instructions

  1. Student and parent type into the fillable enrollment form or print and complete Part 1 and all signatures
  2. Email or take to your high school counselor for the completion of Part 2 including signature
  3. Student or Counselor submit form, high school transcript, and any test scores to TCC

High School Student Tuition Waiver

Full Terms and Conditions are available in the TCC Financial Aid Dashboard.

Seniors: TCC will waive tuition via Oklahoma’s senior’s tuition waiver program. By Oklahoma statute, each Oklahoma high school senior who meets the eligibility requirements for concurrent enrollment shall be entitled to receive a tuition waiver equivalent to the amount of resident tuition for a maximum of 18 eligible credit hours in their senior year beginning June 1 following the eleventh grade. The tuition waiver may be used in the summer, fall, or spring. Students must follow the policy regulations including graduation from high school in the spring of the 12th grade.

Juniors: In addition to the state of Oklahoma’s senior tuition waiver, TCC provides a tuition waiver to each Oklahoma high school junior who meets the admission and enrollment eligibility requirements for high school students. Juniors will be awarded a tuition waiver equivalent to the amount of resident tuition for a maximum of 12 eligible credit hours in their junior year. We recommend that juniors use six hours in the fall and six in the spring semester. Check with your high school counselor for scheduling considerations. The student must follow the policy regulations including being on track to graduate from high school in the spring of their senior year.

Tuition Waiver Policy

Tuition waivers are awarded for all enrollments unless students drop a class within the college drop period. All hours waived will be counted in the total tuition waiver limits including any grade entered on the transcript: W, AW, I, WN, or A – F grades.

You are responsible for all college business, including enrollment and payment.

TCC Financial Aid awards Attend College Early (ACE) tuition waivers after TCC enrollment services has confirmed eligibility and processed your enrollment. The waivers are disbursed after the college drop period for your course, and your bursar balance should reflect the disbursement by week eight of the long semesters.

To pay course fees and any tuition amount over the waiver limit, you may access the student bursar account information on the MyTCC “my account” page and pay by check or credit card. Additionally, you may pay by cash, check, or credit card to any TCC Bursar. Be sure to bring your photo ID.

For additional questions, contact the Bursar at  studentaccounts@tulsacc.edu.