Transfer Credit Evaluation and Prior Learning Assessment

Transferring in and Evaluation of Course Work

Transcripts of record from colleges or universities accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will be given full value. Transcripts of record from degree-granting institutions accredited by organizations other than the HLC and recognized by the US Department of Education are subject to review and may transfer on a course-by-course basis. You should work closely with our Academic Advisement Office to ensure you understand the process thoroughly.

  • Submit transcripts by mail, or electronically through a third party vendors. (See Electronic Transcript Policy for details)
  • Transfer students should visit with an Academic Advisor for first-semester enrollment and placement into college courses; until a thorough transcript evaluation is completed (note: unofficial transcripts can be submitted to Academic Advising for placement purposes)
  • Students who are applying for special admissions to a program should send in all transcripts well in advance of the program application deadline.
  • Students transferring from non-accredited institutions can request a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) of their record (see below for details).

Earn College Credit with Prior Learning Assessment

Do you have experience in the workplace? Have you earned certificates for successfully completing training programs? Have you taken an exam such as CLEP or AP? Do you have military experience?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be eligible for Prior Learning Assessment Credit!

Tulsa Community College currently awards credit for the following types of Prior Learning Assessment (PLA):

Types of Possible Credit

  • Advanced Placement
  • College-Level Examination Program
  • Current Licensure or Certification
  • Dantes Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
  • Experiential Learning/Portfolio Evaluation
  • Institutional (Departmental) Exams
  • International Baccalaureate Program
  • Military Experience
  • National College Credit Recommendation Service
  • Previously Awarded Extra-Institutional Credit

The combination of prior learning assessment (advanced standing) credit and college transfer credit for a degree or certificate at Tulsa Community College may not exceed 75% of the total credit hours required for graduation.

Submit official documentation/scores/transcripts/licensure to the Academic Advising office on any campus.

Resource Links

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

TCC’s minimum requirement for awarding of AP credit is a 3. Certain exams may additionally award a sequence of courses with an AP score of 4 or 5. To see the exams that may award these sequence of courses and what exams TCC accepts see the chart below. The chart below is reviewed on a biennial basis.

Test Name Score 3 Score 4 Score 5
Art History ART 1053 ART 1053 ART 1053
Biology BIOL 1114 BIOL 1114 BIOL 1114
Calculus (AB) MATH 2114 MATH 2114 MATH 2114
Calculus (BC) MATH 2114, 2124 MATH 2114, 2124 MATH 2114, 2124
Chemistry CHEM 1315 CHEM 1315, 1415 CHEM 1315, 1415
Chinese Language and Culture CHNS 1103, 1213 CHNS 1103, 1213 CHNS 1103, 1213
Computer Science (A) CSYS 1203 CSYS 1203 CSYS 1203
Computer Science Principles No Credit No Credit No Credit
Macroeconomics ECON 2013 ECON 2013 ECON 2013
Microeconomics ECON 2023 ECON 2023 ECON 2023
English Language and Composition ENGL 1113 ENGL 1113, 1213 ENGL 1113, 1213
English Literature and Composition ENGL 1113 ENGL 1113, 1213 ENGL 1113, 1213
Environmental Science

BIOL 1113


BIOL 1113

BIOL 1113

European History HIST 1053, 1063 HIST 1053, 1063 HIST 1053, 1063
French Language and Culture FREN 1103, 1213 FREN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413 FREN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413, 2113
German Language and Culture GRMN 1103, 1213 GRMN 1103, 1213 GRMN 1103, 1213
Comparative Government and Politics POLS 2013 POLS 2013 POLS 2013
United States Government and Politics POLS 1113 POLS 1113 POLS 1113
Human Geography GEOG 1043 GEOG 1043 GEOG 1043
Italian Language and Culture ITAL 1103, 1213 ITAL 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413 ITAL 1103, 1213 1313, 1413
Japanese Language and Culture JAPN 1103, 1213 JAPN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413 JAPN 1103, 1213 1313, 1413, 2113
Latin LATN 1103, 1213 LATN 1103, 1213 LATN 1103, 1213
Music Theory No Credit; refer to A below No Credit; refer to A below No Credit; refer to A below
Physics 1 PHYS 1114 PHYS 1114, 1214 PHYS 1114, 1214
Physics 2 PHYS 1114 PHYS 1114, 1214 PHYS 1114, 1214
Physics C – Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 2034 PHYS 2034, 2124 PHYS 2034, 2124
Physics C- Mechanics PHYS 2034 PHYS 2034 PHYS 2034
Psychology PSYC 1113 PSYC 1113 PSYC 1113
Spanish Language and Culture SPAN 1103, 1213 SPAN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413 SPAN 1103, 1213 1313, 1413, 2113
Spanish Literature and Culture SPAN 1103, 1213 SPAN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413 SPAN 1103, 1213 1313, 1413, 2113
Statistics MATH 2193 MATH 2193 MATH 2193
Studio Art - Drawing ART 1123 ART 1123 ART 1123
Studio Art- 2D Design ART 1013 ART 1013 ART 1013
Studio Art- 3D Design ART 1083 ART 1083 ART 1083
United States History HIST 1483, 1493 HIST 1483, 1493 HIST 1483, 1493
World History HIST 1073 HIST 1073 HIST 1073
Research No Credit No Credit No Credit
Seminar No Credit No Credit No Credit


  • A For placement in advanced theory classes, students should contact the music faculty advisor at (918) 595-7752.

(Revised 09/02/21)

CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)

CLEP, the College-Level Examination Program, is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the country. CLEP examinations allow a person to demonstrate knowledge that has been acquired through independent study, academic interests, or on-the-job training. CLEP may entitle an individual to earn from three to six hours of college credit for each test passed; with the exception of the College Spanish Language. Please see link below to determine the number of credits that may be awarded.

Currently, there are 1,300 CLEP test centers located throughout the world. TCC is pleased to be a part of the CLEP family, providing service to students and the community. Each college sets its own policy regarding how much credit and for what courses credit will be given. Before registering for the CLEP, it is the examinee's responsibility to find out the following information:

  • Does the college you are reporting the scores to recognize CLEP exams?
  • What score is needed to receive credit(s)?
  • Are there additional requirements before credit is granted?

Test Preparation

The Official Study Guide for the CLEP Examinations contains descriptions of all CLEP exams, sample exam questions and answers, test preparation in every subject, test-taking strategies and general information about CLEP.

The Guide may be purchased through The College Board by calling 1.800.323.7155. Cost is $25 plus postage (approximately $30.99). Old textbooks may also come in handy as a review for exams. Also, you may view The College Board website for CLEP preparation for more information. Remember, CLEP is the opportunity to earn credit for what you already know.


Pre-registration and payment must be completed online at CLEP. Once payment and registration are completed, bring the voucher to the Testing Center to take your exam.

Administration of CLEP exams are done on a walk-in basis and is based on computer availability*. Effective July 1, 2014, one form of government-issued identification will be acceptable for CLEP test-takers. A secondary form of ID will no longer be required. The primary identification must be valid and current, must bear the test-taker’s full name in English language characters, and must contain a photograph and a signature. Upon check-in at the Testing Center, the examinee must present a primary photo ID (i.e., driver's license, passport, state id, etc.) to be eligible to take the exam. A copy of the photo ID will be made and kept on file in the Testing Center. Please refer to the CLEP site for all acceptable forms of identification.

*It is Recommended that you call in advance to check on computer availability before you come to campus for CLEP Testing. Please note that we will not begin a CLEP exam less than 2 hours prior to closing time (3 hours for the College Composition Modular exam).

Northeast Campus: (918) 595-7534, Academic/Administration Building, Room 1201


Current and Former TCC Students - $80 per exam ($80 as of July 1, 2012)

  • $80 – payments are made online as part of the pre-registration process. (Fee increase may be implemented by CLEP).

Non-TCC Students - $105 per exam ($105 as of July 1, 2012)

  • $80 - payment made online to CLEP. (Fee increase may be implemented by CLEP).
  • $25 - Separate payment to TCC for processing fee paid at the Testing Center (i.e., cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card accepted).

All CLEP examinations are available to take through the Northeast Campus Testing Center.

View full descriptions of the CLEP examinations!

View list of all CLEP exams accepted by TCC

Current Licensure or Certification

Licenses/Certifications Credit Hours/Courses
CDA Credential CHLD 2203, CHLD 2213
CLEET (Criminal Justice) Determined by Faculty
Emergency Medical Technician EMSP 1119
Paramedic EMSP 2115, EMSP 2129, EMSP 2214, EMSP 2229, EMSP 2314, EMSP 2325
Radiography Determined by Faculty

First Aid Certification
The certification must cover:
First Aid/CPR-Adult, Child, Infant and
AED- Adult and Child

HHPE 2212
Fire Services Determined by Faculty
Private Pilot License AVST 1113 and AVST 1222
LPN/Paramedic Career Mobility Track Determined by Faculty

CISCO 100-105 ICND1

ITCV 2033
Cisco 200-105 ICND2 ITCV 2203
Cisco 200-125 CCNA ITCV 2033 & ITCV 2203
CompTIA Security + SY0-401 CSYS 2493
A+ certification (exams 220-801 and 220-802) CSCI 2143, CSYS 2023
Network+ (exam N10-006) CSCI 1263
First of 3 exams toward MCSA (MCP Microsoft Certified Professional exam 70-410) CSYS 2063

Society of Human Resources Management - Senior Certified Partner (SCP)
Society of Human Resources Management - Certified Partner (CP)
Human Resources Certification Institute - Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR)
Human Resources Certification Institute - Professional Human Resources (PHR)

Updated: 07/08/20

HRES 2113

DSST (Dantes Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support)

  • TCC does not accept General Exams.
  • Note: Official test scores must be submitted to the Office of Records and Student Completion Services at 909 S Boston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74119. TCC Equivalent course must be required for student's degree to be awarded.
Dantes Exams TCC Equivalent

Business Exams

Business Ethics and Society

BUSN 1143 Introduction to Ethics: Business Issues
Business Mathematics BUSN 1353 Business Mathematics
Human Resource Management Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Introduction to Business BUSN 1053 Introduction to Business
Computing and Information Technology Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Management Information Systems Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Money and Banking Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Organizational Behavior MGMT 2323 Organizational Behavior
Personal Finance ECON 1353 Personal Finance
Principles of Finance Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Principles of Supervision Reviewed - No Credit
Principles of Financial Accounting (Exam no longer offered) Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Business Law II (Exam no longer offered) Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Humanities Exams
Ethics in America PHIL 2133 Intro to Ethical Thinking or RELG 2233 Religion in America

Introduction to World Religions

Principles of Advanced English Composition

Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Principles of Public Speaking COMM 1113 Public Speaking

Math Exams

Math for Liberal Arts

Not Reviewed TCC Credit

Fundamentals of College Algebra MATH 1513 Precalculus I
Principles of Statistics MATH 2193 Elementary Statistics
Physical Science Exams
Astronomy Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Environmental Science Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Health and Human Development Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Principles of Physical Science I Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Social Sciences Exams
A History of the Vietnam War Reviewed - No Credit
Art of the Western World Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Criminal Justice Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Foundations of Education Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Fundamentals of Counseling Not reviewed for TCC Credit
General Anthropology Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Human/Cultural Geography Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Introduction to Law Enforcement CRIM 1013 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSYC 2023 Developmental Psychology
History of the Soviet Union Reviewed - No Credit
Substance Abuse Not reviewed for TCC Credit
The Civil War and Reconstruction Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Technology Exams
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Computing and Information Technology CSCI 1203 Computer Concepts and Applications
Introductory to College Algebra (exam no longer offered) Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Math for Liberal Arts Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Environmental Science Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Principles Advanced English Comp Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Personal Human Resource Management (exam no longer offered) Not reviewed for TCC Credit
Intro to Modern Middle East (exam no longer offered) Not reviewed for TCC Credit

(Updated 07/08/20)

Experiential Learning/Portfolio Evaluation]

Not available at this time. The institution is currently working with the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) to develop this process.

For more information concerning Experiential learning, please contact the Academic School.

Advanced Standing- Departmental Exams (Credit by Exam)

Currently or previously enrolled students who feel they are qualified for prior learning credit by examination in a discipline not offered or administered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) may choose to attempt to establish credit through a departmental examination.

The departmental examinations are written and scored by TCC faculty and are intended to measure competence for establishing credit comparable to what would be required if the student took the course at TCC. A score equivalent to a grade of "C" shall be the cutoff score.

Students seeking these examinations should inquire at any campus Advisement/Testing Center at the beginning of the semester. Students may be required to have approval for the examination from the Faculty Department Chair for that subject.

Credit for the Exam

  • The student must be a current or former TCC student; however, the student cannot be enrolled in the same course that he/she is testing, except during the drop/add period.
  • Credit earned through prior learning examinations does not count in the number of hours enrolled during the semester of the exam; nor will it count toward the GPA.
  • Credit will be recorded with a grade of "S" if the student passes the exam. No grade is recorded if the student fails the exam.
  • Once the examination is given to the student, whether passed or failed, there is no refund of fees.

Fee: Current or Former TCC Students Only - $5 per credit hour

Registration and Testing Sites

  • Metro Campus, Room 1018, (918) 595-7010
  • Northeast Campus, Room 1201 (Academic Building) (918) 595-7534
  • Southeast Campus, Room 4231, (918) 595-7693
  • West Campus, Room I-104, (918) 595-8181

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Only courses taken at the "Higher Level" and subject specific with a minimum score of "4" will be considered. Credit awarded should be determined from the charts below. For any additional exams, please refer to your Academic Advisor.

Test Name Minimum Score TCC Equivalent
Biology 4 BIOL 1604
Chemistry 4 CHEM 1315, 1415
English A Literature 4 ENGL 2413
English A Language and Literature 4 ENGL 1113
English A Language and Literature 5 ENGL 1113 and ENGL 1213
Language B: French 4 FREN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413
Language B: Spanish 4 SPAN 1103, 1213, 1313, 1413
Language B: German 4 GRMN 1103 and GRMN 1213
Language B: Latin 4 LATN 1103 and LATN 1213
History 4 HIST 1063
Mathematics 4 MATH 2114
Physics 4 PHYS 2034, 2124
Psychology 4 PSYC 1113
Philosophy 4 PHIL 1113
Economics 4 ECON 2013
Business Management No Credit N/A
Sports, Exercise and Health Science No Credit N/A
Theatre 4 THEA 1093
Geography No Credit N/A
Global Politics 4 POLS 2203
Social and Cultural Anthropology No Credit N/A
Computer Science No Credit N/A
Info Technology in a Global Society No Credit N/A
Further Mathematics No Credit N/A

(Updated 06/17/20)

Military Experience

  • JST (Joint Services Transcript) - Army, Marine Corps, Navy (after 10/2013)
  • AARTS- Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript (Prior to 11/2013)
  • SMART- Sailor/Marine/ACE Registry Transcript (Prior to 11/2013)
  • Prior to AARTS and SMART- DD 214 or DD 295 (Prior to 1979)
  • Department of Defense and Coast Guard- appropriate transcript

Credit for military training will only be awarded for similar coursework offered by TCC. ACE recommended credit hours must be equal to or greater than the equivalent course offered by TCC.

National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS)

NCCRS credit will be reviewed on a course-by-course basis. The exam must be course specific. Any request for PLA for coursework completed and recognized by NCCRS will be forwarded to the academic school for faculty evaluation.

Students requesting credit will need to provide the following:

  • A copy of the original transcribed course or training
  • A letter requesting the credit and identifying the course(s)
  • A copy of the recommendation from NCCRS