Testing Policies and Procedures

The Tulsa Community College Testing Centers agree to:

  • maintain a secure and confidential testing environment where student information remains protected in accordance with FERPA.
  • serve as a liaison between Tulsa Community College (TCC) and other testing companies.
  • provide scratch paper, pencils and calculators.
  • proctor all exams in a way that eliminates dishonesty and distraction, and supports the right of individuals to test in a quiet environment.
  • administer all tests, policies, and procedures in a fair, impartial, and equitable manner.

Students and Community Clients are expected to:

  • conduct themselves in a manner that supports the mission of TCC and that exemplifies personal integrity.
  • arrive on time for scheduled exams. Failure to arrive on time may result in the loss of reservation (for community-based testing, Certiport Exams, and special testing accommodations facilitated by the EAC).
  • utilize the lockers provided in the testing area for all personal items. Personal items prohibited in the testing areas,include but are not limited to the following:
    • hats, coats, watches, backpacks, purses, snacks, water bottles, sunglasses and all electronic devices.
  • find appropriate accommodations for parents, spouses, friends and children. Outside parties will not be allowed in the testing area and children should not be left unattended at the College.
  • remain in the Testing Center after beginning an academic exam.
  • be considerate of others in the Testing Center by refraining from distracting behaviors such as chewing gum, tapping fingers or feet, reading aloud, humming, etc.
  • bring the following items:
    • photo identification (driver’s license, state or federal identification card, passport, or TCC student ID);
    • TCC ID number;
    • course name, number and instructor’s name;
    • any materials necessary for your test as authorized by the instructor (e.g., calculator, notes, books, etc.).

Acts of Academic Dishonesty

Students/Clients caught participating in academic dishonesty will be asked to leave the Testing Center. Their information will be forwarded to the referring instructor, testing company, and/or the Dean of Students.

Students Requiring Special Testing Accommodations

  • Contact the Education Access Center prior to the test to identify appropriate accommodations as needed. Testing staff members do not implement special accommodations without the approval of the EAC office.
  • Students with emergency situations should provide their outside contact with the number to Campus Police at (918) 595-8888. Campus Police will contact the testing proctor, who will then request the student to step outside the Testing Center to take the call.

Instructor/Program Administrator agrees to:

  • send Online Course Exam materials and Make-Up Exam materials with appropriate paperwork to the TCC Testing Centers. Please ensure all forms are filled out accurately.
  • provide appropriate passwords, instructions, and materials when requiring online exams.
  • provide contact information in case of an issue during the exam.
  • pick up exams as soon as possible after the closing deadline.
  • respond to reports of potential academic dishonesty immediately. Testing Center staff will notify faculty about testing irregularities, attempts to breach academic integrity, and/or disruptive behavior.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact one of the Testing Centers:

Metro Campus - (918) 595-7010
Northeast Campus - (918) 595-7534
Southeast Campus - (918) 595-7693
West Campus Testing Services - (918) 595-8060