Testing Policies and Procedures

The Tulsa Community College Testing Centers agree to:

  • Maintain a safe, secure and confidential testing environment where student information remains protected, in accordance with FERPA.
  • Administer all tests, policies, and procedures in a fair, impartial, and equitable manner.
  • Proctor all exams in a way that minimizes acts of dishonesty and distraction and supports the right of individuals to test in a quiet & safe environment.
  • Sanitize testing stations between students/clients. Sanitize lockers and/or other items that have been utilized.

By utilizing testing services, students and community clients agree to:

  • Wear a face covering (as defined by the CDC) while on TCC property.
  • Use the provided hand sanitizer before and after testing.
  • Arrive on time for scheduled exams and abide by the 6-foot distancing requirements.
    • Arriving more than 10 minutes after appointment time will result in the loss of a reservation.
  • Bring in only the following items:
    • Photo identification (driver’s license, state or federal identification card, passport, or student ID);
  • TCC ID number and required payment (if applicable);
  • Any materials necessary for your test as authorized by the instructor or testing company.
  • Leave all personal items in your vehicle or with another party. Personal items prohibited, include but are not limited to:
    • Hats, coats, watches, backpacks, purses, wallets, snacks, water bottles, sunglasses, fitness trackers, all electronic devices.
    • If any of these items are brought in and cannot be returned to a vehicle, you will be required to place them in a secure locker inside the Center.
  • Take care of restroom or other needs prior to beginning a test. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. No breaks allowed during an exam (except for Accuplacer or approved AR accommodations); once the exam is submitted, the exam may not be returned to the student.
  • Allow video and audio recording of testing sessions. TCC uses camera surveillance, computer desktop monitoring and live staff proctoring.
  • Find appropriate accommodations for parents, spouses, friends and children. Outside parties will not be allowed in the testing area and children should not be left unattended at the college.
  • Refrain from distracting behaviors such as chewing gum, tapping fingers or feet, reading aloud, humming.
  • Refrain from navigating to any websites not allowed or accessing any material not specifically stated as allowed.
  • Return test items to staff upon completion of test and refrain from taking digital images of test items (to include scratch paper).

TCC Students Requiring Special Testing Accommodations shall:

  • Contact Accessibility Resources (AR) prior to the test to identify appropriate accommodations as needed. Testing staff members do not implement special accommodations without the approval of the AR office.

Acts of Academic Dishonesty (cheating, violating policies):

  • Students/Clients caught participating in academic dishonesty or violating the Testing Center policies outlined above will have their test terminated and will be asked to leave the Testing Center. Their information will be forwarded to the referring instructor, testing company, and/or the Dean of Student Affairs.

Disruptive Behavior:

  • If a student is disruptive to the testing environment, as determined by staff, and fails to follow the direction of Testing Center staff, Campus Police may be contacted to remove the student from the Testing Center and the Dean of Student Affairs will be notified.
  • The testing session will be closed at the point of disruption and the instructor or appropriate testing company notified.
  • This includes refusal to wear a face covering and/or comply with distancing and sanitizing requirements.

Suspected illness:

  • Students/clients who do not feel well should reschedule their appointment. All students must comply with the TCC Return to Campus plan located here: TCC Return to Campus plan