Success Stories

Samuel Lian

Tulsa Achieves Student
During high school, Samuel Lian experienced homelessness, depression, and a dysfunctional family life. “It affected my high school grades. My ACT scores didn’t qualify for scholarships,...
Keondra Doyle Hampton addresses the crowd gathered at the Annual Vision Dinner

Keondra Doyle Hampton

Tulsa Achieves
Keondra Doyle Hampton has a lot to say about Tulsa Achieves. The pioneering program, which started in 2007, has become a nationally recognized model being replicated at other colleges across the...
Saige Maxville

Saige Maxville

Native American Student Association Member
Saige Maxville is working toward a career in physical therapy, and she says she’s certain TCC is the right place to pursue her goal of working in health care. As a member of the Native American...