Admission After Suspension

Students who have been placed on suspension from Tulsa Community College may petition the Admissions Committee for admission after a one-semester lapse in enrollment (not including summer). The student must:

  1. Reapply for admission.
  2. Complete Re-Admit Petition once it has been loaded into your application portal.
    Note: This petition is only accessible via the application portal. The petition will be loaded into your checklist within 3-5 business days.
  3. Provide official transcripts from all previous schools.
    Note: It is the student’s responsibility to contact Admission & Prospective Student Services to verify all credentials are received.

Requesting and Submitting Transcripts

Incomplete petitions will not be accepted.

NOTE: Students on Academic Dismissal (Second Suspension) must submit a new application for admission. They must also provide the petition for re-admission, as well as official transcripts from all institutions attended, and must have attended another regionally accredited institution and achieved an overall retention GPA of 2.0 in order to be considered for re-admission.

The petition and all supporting credentials must be received 3 weeks before registration.

Upon receipt of the completed petition and all credentials, the petition will be reviewed by the College and the student will be notified by email regarding the next step.

Students suspended from another college or university may attend TCC immediately after suspension; contact the Office of Admission at or 918-595-8000 or the Enrollment Services office.

Disciplinary Suspension

Students who have been placed on disciplinary suspension from TCC must contact the Vice President of Student Affairs for re-admission. All criteria outlined in the suspension letter must be met before a suspended student may apply for re-admission after disciplinary suspension.