TCC Police

Tulsa Community College Police Department Mission Statement

The Tulsa Community College Police Department endeavors to promote a safe environment in a manner that is fair, transparent, and respectful. We recognize the value in collaborating with our diverse community to improve the quality of life for those who work, study, or visit the Tulsa Community College.

If you need police assistance, please call 918-595-8888.
If you are calling from a College phone, call extension 8888.

Daily Crime Log

The Daily Crime Log contains incident reports on file with the Tulsa Community College Campus Police.

Clery Act

Annual information about campus crime and security policies.

How to Compliment or Complain

To compliment an officer (or officers), or to lodge a formal complaint you must do so in writing.
You must complete the Citizen's Compliment or Complaint Form and email the completed form to the Chief and Assistant Chief of Police at with subject: Officer Complement / Complaint Form.


Police Officers and Staff, Policies

Headquarters Division

TCC Chief Melvin Murdock
Chief Melvin Murdock
Chief of Police

TCC Assistant Chief Scott Surface
Assistant Chief Scott Surface
Assistant Chief of Police

TCC Lt. Doug May
Lt. Doug May
Training Director


Training Director

TCC Capt. Andrew Mullenix
Capt. Andrew Mullenix


Policy and Procedures

Denise Purifoy
Chiefs Admin Assistant
Denise Purifoy

Faith McGranahan
Dispatch Supervisor
Faith McGranahan

Jon Greene
Project Coordinator
Jon Greene

Metro Campus

909 South Boston, Room 1005

Capt. <VACANT>

TCC Lt. Johnna Weast

Lt. Johnna Weast

Northeast Campus

3727 East Apache, Room AB136

TCC Capt. Drew Mullenix
Capt. Drew Mullenix

Lt. Jason Dixon

Southeast Campus

10300 East 81st Street, Room 2111


‚ÄčTCC Lt. Matt Henneha
Lt. Matt Henneha

West Campus

7505 West 41st Street South, Room I182

TCC Capt. Denessa Klockenkemper
Capt. Denessa Klockenkemper

Lt. Allen Harwood

Conference Center

6111 East Skelly Drive


House Bill 2597

House Bill 2597, also known as the "constitutional carry" bill, went into effect November 1, 2019. It allows Oklahomans, age 21 and older, to carry a firearm without a permit. In addition, veterans, active duty and reserve military members, age 18 and over, can carry a firearm without a permit. Existing provisions allowing private property owners to prohibit firearms are maintained under the bill including the ability of higher education institutions like TCC to limit the carry of firearms on campuses. The TCC Board of Regents approved the 2019-2020 Board of Regents Policy Manual at its September meeting which included revisions to the Safety and Security General Policies. BR.14.H – Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, Fireworks, and Explosives and Dangerous Chemical provides for such limitations and is consistent with the new state law.