Emergency Management

TCC is committed to keeping our students, employees, and visitors' safety at the top of our priorities. One of the most important issues in safety is being prepared in the event of an emergency. Every campus has a Campus Response Team that is charged with conducting drills and exercises in preparation for an emergency. The Director of Emergency Operations is ensuring all Campus Response Teams are conducting those drills and exercises while making sure there is consistency in emergency responses college-wide. Unannounced tornado and fire drills are conducted college-wide each semester with announced lockdown drills, once minimum, a year.

Emergency Procedures

Active Shooter Preparedness

Active shooter situations are difficult to predict and can occur without warning. It’s imperative the College community knows how to respond in advance and help maintain good security and safety procedures. This includes effective planning and response procedures that focus both on education and the rapid response of TCC law enforcement personnel and resources needed to stop a perpetrator quickly.

TCC has also adopted programs, such as the “Run-Hide-Fight” paradigm, and digital tools such as Rave Guardian and TCC Alerts, to help notify and direct actions during an active shooter emergency.




Questions & Feedback

TCC is interested in your questions and feedback regarding campus safety. Please take our safety survey.

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