Student IDs

All students at TCC should wear their TCC student ID card while on campus. The card must be visible from the waist up and worn on a lanyard.

Student ID cards are available in the Student Life Office at each campus.

TCC Student ID Card

Fees & Replacement Card

The cost of the initial card is included in the application fee.

If your student ID card is lost or destroyed, there is a $20 fee for a replacement card. ID cards are available at Student Life Offices located on each campus.

Card Access & Benefits

Student ID cards are used to enter campus, access certain facilities and Student Life events. The card is also required to use the Library, Y@TCC Fitness Centers, computer lab, printers, and other service centers on each campus.

A valid TCC student ID card provides the holder free access to the Philbrook Museum. Many other businesses in the Tulsa area also offer discounts to cardholders.