Student IDs and Parking

Student IDs will resume when we open the buildings.

All students at TCC should have and carry a TCC student ID card. The cost of the initial card is included in the application fee. There is an ID record keeping fee of $5 per semester for each semester a student is enrolled in credit classes. This fee is added to tuition and fees automatically. If your student ID card is lost or destroyed there is a $20 fee for a replacement card. ID cards are available at Student Life Offices located on each campus.

Student ID cards are used to access certain Student Life events and to receive discounts on Student Life events where a fee is charged. The card is also required to use the Library, Fitness Center, computer lab and other service centers on each campus. A valid TCC student ID card provides the holder free access to the Philbrook Museum. Many other businesses in the Tulsa area also provide discounts to card holders.

Campus Parking Information and Emergency Call Boxes

Tulsa Community College maintains and facilitates a safe parking and traffic management system at each campus location. Parking on any TCC lot is available on a first-come, first-served basis for students, faculty and staff conducting official college business on campus. Local and state traffic laws apply on all lots.

Emergency Call Boxes are strategically located in many campus parking lots.