College-Cost Comparison: First Two Years

Doing your first two years at TCC can save you an average of $36,164,1 and it sets you up for success whether you're transferring to a university, or jumping straight into the workforce. Take a look.

Total two-year cost noted pulled from individual college websites as of 7/26/2023 and reflect two years in college housing.
SchoolTwo-Year Tuition & FeesTwo-Year Housing & MealsTotal Two-Year Cost
TCC with Tulsa Achieves Scholarship$0$0$0
Northeastern State University$16,520$20,988$37,508
Rogers State University$15,200$19,020$34,220
Oklahoma State University$27,840$22,600$50,440
University of Oklahoma$28,310$29,216$57,526

Learn more about how the Tulsa Achieves Scholarship provides for every Tulsa County graduating high school senior's full tuition and fees at TCC.

1Average savings represent the difference between the cost of attending TCC without the Tulsa Achieves scholarship and the average total two-year cost of the four colleges to which TCC students are most likely to transfer.

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