Dual Credit Resources

We're Here to Help You. At Tulsa Community College, we understand the importance of providing up-to-date information to our current students as well as their parents and counselors.

If you have additional questions, please contact Dual Credit Programs at dualcredit@tulsacc.edu, (918) 595-4705, or join our virtual office.

Current Dual Credit Student Resources

Enrolling in Classes Each Semester

After you have been admitted to TCC you are ready to enroll in classes. While high school students are may enroll in any class, TCC reserves "Section 600" courses for its high school students. You must meet all prerequisite requirements for a course. High school students may not take a zero level, physical education or co-requisite courses. Visit with your high school counselor for additional details. College courses have limited space. All college enrollments are processed in the order that they are received by dualcredit@tulsacc.edu.

Enrollment Steps: Student Portion

Complete Parts 1A, 1B, and 1C of the High School Student College Enrollment form.

  1. Type to fill in part 1A: Enter student information.
  2. Choose Course(s):
    Review the 2022 list of reserved courses for high school students or the General Course Listings
    1. Select a term (semester) from the dropdown menu and click “Continue.”
    2. Narrow the selections by “subject”, “course number” and/or “campus” and click "Search"; OR simply click "Search" to see all courses.
    3. Hover over the course name to see additional information about the specific section(prerequisites, times, days, campus, online, classroom, blended, online live.
  3. Type to fill in part 1B: Enter the CRN, Course Name and Number, and Section Number of the course(s)
  4. Type to fill in part 1C: Enter in your signature and date, and have your parent or guardian type in their signature and date.
  5. Save the form as a word document and forward it to your high school counselor or administrator.

Application and Forms

Dual Credit Student Orientation

General Student Resources

High School Counselor and Administrator Resources

Enrollment Steps: High School Counselor or Administrator Portion

Complete Parts 2A and 2B of High School Student College Enrollment form.

  1. Type to fill in part 2A: Enter school information and student academic course load including all tech program courses.
    Note: do not list co-curricular classes like sports, band, etc.
  2. Type to fill in part 2B: Sign to confirm that the student is on track for high school graduation.
  3. Save the form and forward the enrollment form and student’s latest high school transcript to enrolldc@tulsacc.edu.

High School Counselor Orientation Resources