Oklahoma Resident Tuition Waiver Policy

Submit your FAFSA by March 1 for Priority Consideration.

The Oklahoma Resident Tuition Waiver Scholarship covers up to $700 per semester and a total of $1,400 for the academic year, exclusively for direct tuition costs. If you don't use all of the funds, it does not provide a refund to you. It also does not cover related expenses such as fees, books, housing, or travel. The scholarship specifically pays for your actual tuition costs during the term, up to a maximum of $700.

The funds for the waiver are given out in the order they're requested, like a first-come, first-served line. There are always more people who qualify than there are waivers, so FAFSA applications are looked at in the order that they come in, with all requirements completed. This waiver lasts for one school year, so you'll need to send in a new FAFSA each year to be considered again.

How to Apply

You can apply for tuition waivers by submitting a FAFSA to TCC. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available on October 1 and should be completed every year.

  • Residency: Applicant must be a resident of the state of Oklahoma. Residency is defined by the State Regents. There is a separate application for non-residents that will waive the non-resident portion of tuition.
  • GPA Requirements: Applicants must have either minimum of 3.00 cumulative GPA for Scholastic waivers or 2.5 for Need-Based waivers.
  • FAFSA: In order to be considered for a tuition waiver, applicants will need to complete a current FAFSA. Students’ needs will be evaluated on the results of the FAFSA. Without a current FAFSA on file with TCC the chances of receiving the Oklahoma Resident Tuition Waiver are unlikely.
  • GED: Students who did not complete high school and have not yet attempted college credit can be evaluated for the waiver on the basis of GED scores. Students must have a minimum 60 score of Scholastic Tuition Waivers. A minimum GED score of 50 is required for need-based. In order to be considered for need-based, applicants will need to complete a current FAFSA. Students’ needs will be determined by the results of the FAFSA.
  • ACT Scores: Students who have not attempted any college credit, have not finished high school, and do not have GED scores can be considered for the waiver on the basis of ACT scores. A 25 is needed for Scholastic Tuition Waivers. A minimum score of 20 is needed for Need-Based Tuition Waivers. In order to be considered for need-based, applicants will need to complete a current FAFSA. Students’ needs will be determined by the results of the FAFSA.
  • Completion Rate: Applicants must have a minimum of 67 percent completion rate for all attempted college hours. The completion rate is determined by dividing earned credit hours by attempted credit hours.
  • Max Hours: Applicants who have more than 95 attempted credit hours are not eligible for an Oklahoma Resident Tuition Waiver. Students who have earned a bachelor's degree are not eligible for tuition waivers.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: Applicants who are suspended from Financial Aid are not eligible for the Oklahoma Resident Waiver so long as the suspension is still active.
  • Degree-Seeking: Applicant must have a declared major.
  • Missing Transcripts: Applicants are required to submit all transcripts from all previously attempted institutions (except for Tulsa Community College) to the TCC Registrar. Applicants can be denied if one or more transcript(s) has not been turned in.
  • No Academic History: Applicants who fail to provide any of the following that are applicable may be denied: All transcripts from previously attended colleges, official High School transcript showing graduation date, GED scores, or ACT scores.
  • Late: Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered last.

Financial Aid Award Notification

After you submit your FAFSA you will receive an award notification in the Financial Aid and Scholarships dashboard (see Step 4 of your dashboard) with any awards offered. 

Any campus Financial Aid and Scholarship office can answer questions about your award package.

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