Oklahoma's Promise Scholarship

Welcome to Oklahoma's Promise, your gateway to affordable higher education in the Sooner State. This scholarship program is designed to make college accessible for eligible Oklahoma high school students. With income-based qualifications and a commitment to academic excellence, Oklahoma's Promise ensures that deserving students can pursue their educational dreams without the burden of tuition costs. Explore the opportunities and benefits this program offers to aspiring scholars.

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In the Program

TCC students in Oklahoma’s Promise program should see their awards on the Financial Aid package (accessible on your Financial Aid and Scholarships Dashboard) within the first 60 days after the start of the semester. If a student is eligible for Oklahoma’s Promise program but does not see the award credited to their account they need to contact a TCC Financial Aid office for further information.

Students are required to notify a TCC Financial Aid Office before the end of the semester about any unpaid Oklahoma’s Promise funds in order to receive their award for that semester. Funds will not be back-paid if a student does not notify TCC of any problems with their award before the semester cut-off. Oklahoma’s Promise students who graduated High School in 2012 or after are required to have a current FAFSA on file for your award to pay.

Changes Effective for 2018-2019

Oklahoma's Promise is subject to a second income limit and must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The information from the FAFSA will be used to determine whether or not the federal adjusted gross income (AGI) of the student’s parents exceeds $100,000 at the time the student begins post-secondary education (the income limit will apply to the student’s income if the student is officially determined to be financially independent of his or her parents).

Beginning in 2018-2019, the second income limit will be applied each year to all OK Promise students enrolled in postsecondary education (college), not just entering freshmen. For any year that the income reported on the student’s current FAFSA exceeds $100,000, the student will not be eligible to receive the OK Promise benefit. Any year that the student does not receive the award because their income exceeds the income limit will count toward the five-year period of scholarship eligibility.

Remedial Coursework Not Covered
The OK Promise award will not be allowed for payment of noncredit remedial courses.

Maximum Limit on Total Hours Paid by OK Promise
Oklahoma's Promise awards will not cover courses taken in excess of 129 credit hours.

Eligibility Form

Oklahoma's Promise Eligibility form should only be completed by those students who have been admitted to the program by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.