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Dental Hygiene, A.A.S.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to be a key part of a health care team to meet the oral health needs of patients and thereby improve their quality of life?

The TCC Dental Hygiene program offers you extraordinary clinical and academic opportunities in preventive oral healthcare and the promotion of good health.

The program prepares the individual to be a dental hygienist, whose primary functions include the assessment of patients’ overall health and formulating and performing treatment per evidence-based patient centered care plans; Additional roles of the dental hygienist include participating in community health programs, research, sales and education. The dental hygiene student will perform procedures which include, but are not limited to: exposing radiographs; applying cavity-preventive agents; providing oral health education; administrating local anesthetics, nitrous oxide and antimicrobial agents, and performing oral prophylaxis, periodontal therapy, and risk assessments. The graduate will receive an Associate Degree in Applied Science and will be eligible to take national, regional, and state licensing examinations.

New class every year

Our Dental Hygiene Program admits a new class of 14 students each year. Dental Hygiene courses are offered primarily in the daytime and some evenings with an occasional weekend obligation. To learn more about the program, review the prerequisites required for the program and the dental hygiene degree plan listed under Degrees and Certificates in the TCC catalog.

There are certain legal requirements for admittance into the program. If any of the following circumstances are true in your situation you may not be eligible for dental hygiene licensure in the state of Oklahoma.

  • been addicted to narcotics or alcohol;
  • received treatment for the habitual use of narcotics or alcohol;
  • been convicted for a narcotics-related offense;
  • been reprimanded, disciplined, disqualified or suspended from the practice of dentistry or another health-related field;
  • been a patient in a sanitarium or institution for the treatment of mental illness;
  • been arrested/convicted of any felony offense, including a deferred sentence, may not be eligible for dental hygiene licensure in the state of Oklahoma.

If any of these circumstances exist, we recommend that you discuss the situation with the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry (405) 524-3592, prior to making application to the program.

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