Honors Program

Classes That Give You More

If you’re curious, motivated, and hungry to dig into subjects beyond what’s normally covered in class, TCC’s Honors Program provides the extra something you’re looking for. Smaller Honors classes provide more opportunities to interact with your professors and other like-minded students. Honors classes also qualify you to receive tuition waivers, help prepare you for transfer to a four-year university, enhance your resume, and increase your chances for scholarships.

To see upcoming events and opportunities, visit our News page. To see our updated class schedule and course descriptions, visit Honors Classes. To become an Honors Scholar, apply online. Although we are working remotely, it's easy to contact the Honors staff by phone or email.

Honors classes are open to all interested students; in other words, you can take Honors classes without being an Honors Scholar. In Honors classes, you'll enjoy lively discussions, hands-on activities, and small class sizes. Most Honors classes are in general-education courses - the classes that many students call "the basics." Depending on your major, you may also find Honors sections of more specialized courses in your chosen field.

Honors Scholars take at least 21 credit hours of Honors classes (or 18 Honors credit hours with an additional Engaged Learning non-Honors course) and complete an associate degree. To become an Honors Scholar, meet the program's admission requirements and complete the Honors Scholar application online.

The benefits of being an Honors Scholar include special scholarship opportunities, such as the TCC Honors Tuition Waiver and a large transfer scholarship from The University of Tulsa. Honors Scholars have the opportunity to present their research at regional honors conferences, and each Honors class is labeled "HONORS" on your TCC transcript. If you complete the Honors Scholar program and graduate with an overall TCC grade point average of at least 3.5, your transcript will bear the Honors Scholar designation, and you will receive special recognition at Commencement (where your regalia will include an engraved Honors medallion). TCC Honors Scholar graduates may transfer into the honors programs at the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Northeastern State University, Oral Roberts University, or The University of Tulsa. And perhaps the best benefit of all is the experience of being in TCC's Honors classes and enjoying your interaction with Honors faculty and other Honors Scholars.

We are proud that our program is a member of both the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Great Plains Honors Council.

You are welcome to contact the Honors Office with any questions, and we'll be glad to respond! Or watch the video below to see what our students say about the program.