Honors Classes

About Honors classes

Honors courses don't increase your overall academic requirements for graduation. They simply allow you to fulfill those requirements by taking classes that are more exciting, not just more demanding. Honors classes are offered in the sciences, mathematics, liberal arts, communications, and business.

A Tulsa Community College Honors class will always have a limit of 20 students, allowing your instructor to pursue the subject in ways not possible with 25 to 40 students. Lively class discussions, use of alternative texts which take a different approach to subject matter, and student participation in class design are some options that may be used.

Students enrolled in Honors courses usually earn grades similar to those they have received in their other classes. Some students feel they do better in Honors classes because they assume a more active role in the learning process.

Spring 2020 Honors classes

We want to call your attention to an Honors Composition II class at Metro Campus taught by a Fulbright Scholar from Northern Ireland and an exciting new math option at Southeast Campus, where Honors Analytic Geometry and Calculus I is returning to our schedule after an absence of several years. These classes, and all the other engaging spring Honors sections, are described in our Honors course descriptions linked below. Enrollment begins on October 28.

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How do college honors classes differ from high school honors classes?

The National Collegiate Honors Council offers some insights on the difference between honors education at the high school and college levels.

Who may take Honors classes?

All interested students, both full-time and part-time, regardless of age or educational background, are welcome in TCC's Honors classes. A 3.0 grade point average is suggested, but not required. Feel free to visit with the instructor if you have questions about a particular class.

How are Honors classes identified?

Check for class titles preceded by the word “HONORS,” for example, HONORS NUTRITION or HONORS PUBLIC SPEAKING.

How many Honors courses should students take each semester?

As many as you want, or can fit into your schedule. Many students like the Honors format and professors so well, they exceed the number of Honors hours required to graduate as an Honors Scholar. Please note that because more specialized courses for specific majors are scarce on the Honors schedule, it's wise to take the majority of your Honors classes early in your college career if you want to complete the Honors Scholar program.