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Highlights from the current newsletter

In the Fall 2018 newsletter, you'll read these exciting stories:

  • Honors Coordinator Search

  • National Collegiate Honors Council conference

  • Two Fulbright Scholars-in-Residence

  • Report from the 2018 Research Retreat and Honors Roundup

  • Announcement of the 2019 Great Plains Honors Council conference

And more!


The National Collegiate Honors Council and the Great Plains Honors Council host annual conferences. Every year we are able to send Honors Scholars to the GPHC conference, to present their research and other scholarly or creative work to audiences of their peers from a six-state region. Travel expenses are paid by a generous grant from the TCC Foundation. The distinction of presenting at a conference while still an undergraduate is not only a notable achievement in itself; it is a fabulous opportunity to begin connecting with a larger world of faculty and students who share your academic interests. 

The 2019 conference will be hosted by the University of Texas-Tyler.  We'll travel to Tyler, TX, on April 5-7.  Proposals to present at the conference must be approved and submitted by the Honors Office, so contact us if you are an honors student who is interested in presenting. The conference schedule will be posted online soon.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the major honor society for two-year colleges. While PTK and the Honors Program are separate and unique entities, they serve the same pool of outstanding students. We strongly encourage honors students to become involved in this organization that offers research, service, and leadership opportunities! TCC is home to four PTK chapters, one on each of the four main campuses.

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