Common Book Program

Public Good Reads, a common book program at Tulsa Community College, is a collective learning experience for thousands of students across the College, including a majority of first-time entering college students. It is embedded in the College Success (COLL 1003) curriculum and designed to spark discussion and dialogue from diverse points of view to help develop an engaged citizen.

Our Current Common Book

Book Cover Tulsa 1921: Reporting a Massacre. Foreward by Karlos K. Hill. Author: Randy Krehbiel

Title: Tulsa 1921: Reporting a Massacre
Author: Randy Krehbiel
Academic Year: 2020-21; 2021-22
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“We felt it was important the current book selection address Tulsa’s past surrounding the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. It is a horrific historical event that ended or changed many lives, and we believe the developed curriculum helps students make connections between the past and current events.”
— Cindy Shanks, TCC Dean of Engaged Learning

Our Past Common Books

Title Author Academic Year
Redeployment Phil Klay 2019-2020

What is the Program's Goal?

Designed to promote a deeper understanding of the human experience, the program’s goal is to provide a shared experience to enhance civic engagement and build empathy while utilizing high-impact learning practices. Those practices include elements such as collaborative learning experiences, service-learning opportunities, and reflective writing assignments. Public Good Reads also incorporates themes of social responsibility as well as collaboration, inclusion, participation, and equity.

"A common book program provides a shared foundation for students to engage with ideas and perspectives that can be very different from their own, leading to intellectual conversation and personal growth." — TCC President and CEO Leigh B. Goodson, Ph.D.

How is Each Year's Common Book Selected?

Book nominations and the final selection are part of a College-wide process. A committee of TCC faculty, staff and students review numerous books in an effort to select one that is relevant, combines the College’s mission with community efforts, supports the goals of the Public Good Reads project, and which has broad applicability across disciplines.

How is Common Book Used in Curriculum?

Our common book program is embedded into the College Success course curriculum for first-time entering college students including all Tulsa Achieves students.

Public Good Reads is integrated into other courses across different disciplines that may vary semester to semester but have included:

  • Composition
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Reading
  • Sociology

The program also extends beyond the classroom with a series of events open to the public for discussion and learning.

Launched in Fall 2019 in response to a $81,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Public Good Reads Common Book Program contributes to classroom curriculum and co-curricular programming for all.