p>Tulsa Achieves and volunteerism go hand in hand, providing tuition-free education to graduating Tulsa County high school seniors and generating thousands of hours of volunteer work across the county. To make it easy to find an organization that matches your personal passion and fulfill the Tulsa Achieves volunteer service requirements, we offer this database of volunteer opportunities. To visit the database and browse for opportunities and events, just go to tcc.volunteermatch.org

Tulsa Achieves Volunteer Requirements

Our requirements for participants in the Tulsa Achieves program are fairly simple: For each academic year you begin as Tulsa Achieves participant, you are required to perform 40 hours of volunteer service. This service must be performed in Tulsa County and must benefit the community in a positive way.

Reporting Volunteer Service

Tulsa Achieves mandates that all volunteer service must be verified online through VolunteerMatch. We do not accept paper documents for volunteer service verification. Only hours confirmed by the volunteer agency will be considered. You will need to create an account on VolunteerMatch using your TCC email address.

Steps to create an account

  1. Go to http://tcc.volunteermatch.org/
  2. Click ‘Sign in or Register’
  3. Click ‘Create an account now’
  4. Enter your TCC Email Address and click ‘Create Account’
  5. Fill in your personal profile information
  6. Confirm your email address
  7. Complete Registration

If you have questions on tracking hours or finding an agency, this guide will help.

View the How to Guide

Eligible Volunteer Service

  • Any unpaid, uncompensated activity at an eligible Tulsa County nonprofit.
  • Hours earned in Service Learning classes, Honors classes, and other classes at TCC.
  • Service that benefits the community at large, not simply the agency at which service is performed.

Ineligible Volunteer Service

  • Internships, clinicals, fieldwork, etc.
  • Service performed outside of Tulsa County
  • Service performed at any for-profit business
  • Service that only benefits the agency where it is performed and does not benefit the greater Tulsa community.
  • Service for which compensation of any form is received
  • Court-ordered community service

Volunteer Service Deadlines

Volunteer service for each academic year must be completed within one week of Spring Finals. Transcript holds will be placed on all accounts for students reporting hours under the annual minimum requirement.

Need Volunteers?

If you are a not-for-profit organization in need of volunteers, sign up on the volunteermatch.org database. It's free for agencies, and always will be!

Here's how it works:

Tulsa Achieves worked with VolunteerMatch to create a custom database for TCC and the Tulsa Community. Any agency listed in the Tulsa Area will be automatically listed in the new TCC database. Here's what to do:

  1. Visit volunteermatch.org and create an account (the basic account is free and able to complete all tasks related to Tulsa Achieves)
  2. Once you verify your agency, you can start posting opportunities on the VolunteerMatch database. These will appear on the TCC VolunteerMatch database and students will be able to find them.
  3. Students interested in your opportunity will "sign up", and once they have completed some hours, will be able to "track" them.
  4. When students have volunteered 40 hours, they will be informed that they are eligible for "rewards". As they submit their rewards application, agencies will be asked to confirm or disconfirm the hours the student has tracked. Once confirmed, the student's 40 hours will be verified.