Study Abroad

General Notes

We look forward to offering study abroad programming for Spring/Summer 2023. At this point, please direct all questions about our TCC study abroad programming to our Director of Global Learning -- Dr. Douglas Price at

  • The cost of the short-term programs (8-14 days) ranges from $1,850-3,500 per person
  • TCC tuition and fees are in addition to the program cost
  • Early deposits are required. Non-refundable restrictions and cancellation penalties may apply
  • Trips are small group based, usually 10-20 participants
  • Students should check with the Financial Aid office to determine if they qualify for financial aid
  • Students participating in a travel abroad experience are required to purchase international travel insurance directly from iNext. Study abroad faculty leaders will communicate with students regarding the purchasing process for travel insurance.


Below is our list of study abroad travel/learning opportunities for May 2023 (and one trip for Spring Break 2023). Please email us for more information on the following trips and to inquire if other trips are on the horizon.

Impact of Study Abroad on Intercultural Sensitivity

In collaboration with TCC’s Office of Planning and Institutional Research, a pre and post-study was conducted on our study abroad participants to measure the impact of the study abroad experience on students’ intercultural sensitivity. When comparing the pre and post-surveys, two items were found to have significant changes. Those changes were “I can be as sociable as I want to be when interacting with people from different cultures,” and “I tend to wait before forming an impression of culturally-distinct counterparts.” Of the students that participated in the research, 50% of them had never traveled outside the United States prior to the study abroad trip. In the open-ended question about civic or community involvement, students reported interest in volunteering in the following areas: hospitals, dental clinics, Tulsa City-County Library, voice for Study Abroad, child development, arts, language club, cultural event activities, hosting an exchange student, parks and recreation, and colleges.

FRANCE - May 19-29, 2023 (10 days) (dates tentative) TRIP NOW CLOSED

May 19-29, 2023 (10 days) (dates tentative)

Experience a small-town feel and get to know some French families and “real” French culture. Expand your horizon: try new food, play “p├ętanque” with locals, experience a small-town market, and discover the beautiful Champagne region! And then, with its grand boulevards, world-famous monuments, unparalleled literary and artistic history, and simple joie de vivre, Paris is a city that will change you forever!

Contact: Prof. Francoise Sullivan

JAPAN - May 25-June 8, 2023 (15 days) TRIP NOW FULL

May 25-June 8, 2023 (15 days) (dates tentative)

Japan is extremely clean and safe, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The public transit system is highly efficient, clean, and punctual. The food is nutritious and delish while it may seem very different to an American palate. The people live in harmony and peace (also they are courteous and helpful). The isolated geography has shaped the culture, food, and architecture. Come join the group and experience what you have been missing!

ISRAEL - March 10-18, 2023 (Spring Break - 9 days)


March 10-18, 2023 (Spring Break - 9 days)

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all trace their origins to the land of Israel, and followers of these three religions have interacted there for centuries. This Spring Break (2023), travel to study the Western Religious Tradition where it all started. See the Jordan River, where the Hebrew people crossed into the Promise Land and where Jesus was baptized. Visit Masada, the monument to Jewish resistance to Roman occupation, and the Wailing Wall, the last remnants of the Jewish Temple. Walk through the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus's tomb. See the Dome of the Rock, one of Islam's most important shrines.

Contact: Prof. Raymond Powell


Northern Ireland
May 25-June 3, 2023 (10 days)

Northern Ireland and Scotland - A deep dive into the beautiful landscape, culture, and history of the Emerald Isle. Experience the highland games and delectable comfort food while exploring the craggy cliffs surrounding the Irish sea. With a deep dive into the poetry and prose of local artists, we will explore the character and rich history of these beloved countries. Experience Ulster University and get tours by local scholars. Landmarks from Game Of Thrones like Delunche Castle and coastal hikes along the Isle of Magee. Eat and live like an Irishman for a week in paradise.

Contact: Prof. Michelle Yarbrough

ENGLAND (LONDON)- May 15-22, 2023

England (London)
May 15-22, 2023 (8 days)

Crown jewels, Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, some of the world's greatest art. You can see all of this and more, while receiving Humanities credits. London is one of the great capitals of the world, with art and opportunity on almost every corner. I have been traveling with TCC Study Abroad since 1995 and love the great city of London. I hope you will consider traveling and enjoy the city with me in May 2023!

Contact: Prof. Tiffany Engel

ITALY - May 17-26, 2023 TRIP NOW CLOSED

May 17-26, 2023 (10 days)

Explore the eternal cultural treasures in Italy! Travel to Rome, Florence, and Venice and immerse yourself in the local culture, history, and culinary tradition. Students will view and learn from masterpieces such as the Sistine Chapel, The Colosseum, and the Duomo in Florence. Throughout this program you will walk in the footprints of artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael and learn about and experience their technical decision making as manifested through their masterworks. Students will create drawings to express and document the journey and to better understand the cultural and methodological significance of Italian culture through architecture, painting, and sculpture.

Contact: Prof. Tyler Griese

Financing Study Abroad

For more information about financial aid and study abroad, please email our Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Steve Ellison and cc:

As the subject line for your email, please use Study Abroad & Financial Aid.

NOTE: Be sure to include your T number in the body of your email note.