School of Visual & Performing Arts

The School of Visual and Performing Arts at TCC includes the Art, Digital Media, Interior Design, Music, Theatre and Film Programs.

two students designing headpieces

The arts at TCC are vibrant and incredibly active in the community. Theatre, film, and music are housed in the VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education at the Southeast Campus. Art and Digital Media are housed in the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity at the Metro Campus. All of the programs are led by outstanding faculty who bring a great balance of teaching and professional experience to provide guidance and opportunities for students.

Students have the opportunity to get involved in all types of arts activities ranging from amazing theatrical productions to inspiring musical concerts, from incredible art exhibitions to engaging discussions with experts in the field.

Programs and Certificates

Contact Information

For general information please call the School of Visual and Performing Arts at (918) 595-7752.

For specific information, please call the faculty coordinator for each program.


Erin Rappleye
(918) 595-7326

Digital Media

Ken Wood
(918) 595-7048

Interior Design

Jennifer McMahon
(918) 595-7615


Heidi Rigert
(918) 595-7755

Theatre and Film

Mark Frank
(918) 595-7732