Academic Interest and Personal Growth

If you are looking for courses as a non-traditional or non-degree seeking student, then you've come to the right place. TCC Continuing Education partners with Tulsa Community College's academic departments to offer students an extensive and varied catalog of post-secondary courses. Course topics range from recreational to professionally-minded, but all serve as great learning activities that anyone can pick up and benefit from. Students can diversify their talents, stimulate their creativity, develop new skills, or improve old ones.

If you are a senior or TCC employee, your course may be eligible for a 10% discount. Discounts can only be applied with registration over the phone. To schedule a time to redeem the discount, email us at

ACT Exam Preparation

Come join us in our concentrated ACT Test Prep courses of all the test subjects: English, Social Studies, Natural Science, and Mathematics. Though you may have covered a lot of the material in your high school classes, it's still a good idea to take an ACT Test Prep course to help improve your score. If you need extra help on the Math portion only, we also offer the ACT Math Test Prep course.

The Official ACT Prep Guide textbook is required in the course. To purchase the textbook, view your preferred vendor (e.g. ebay, Amazon, etc.) and search for the latest version of "The Official ACT Prep Guide". Allow at least one week for delivery for text versions. E-books are also available for purchase.

ACT Exam Prep and ACT Math Prep Schedules and Registration

Tulsa Community College ACT Test (National and Residual) Information

American Sign Language

An introduction to American Sign Language (ASL), which includes the development of receptive and expressive skills in authentic situations and an introduction to Deaf culture. These introductory courses in ASL use a natural language approach to introduce culturally appropriate signed concepts related to the immediate environment. Common communicative events and interactions are utilized to acquire a basic working vocabulary and grammar. Receptive and expressive skills are fostered through interactive ASL lessons without voice. American Sign Language classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program. For more information on American Sign Language academic program requirements, please visit the School of Liberal Arts & Communication home page.

American Sign Language Course Schedule and Registration

Aviation and Flight Training

The TCC Aviation Center is an FAA Part 141-approved pilot training school and is a dedicated academic environment and community where learning is applied through critical thinking. The Center's mission is to educate future aviators with a strong emphasis on safety and professionalism to elevate your aviation career. Our school's ground school and flight trainings provide you the necessary tools to acquire employment opportunities through regional and major airlines, charter operations, cargo operations, agricultural flying flight schools, corporate flight departments, or with a government agency. Throughout the year, TCC Continuing Education partners with the TCC Riverside Community Campus and Aviation Center to offer one-hour Discovery Flights, Flight Certification Training, Instrument Proficiency Check, Flight Review, and Complex Airplane Training. Click the link below to explore current offerings. CALL (918) 595-3717 or email to schedule your training and pay for direct flight costs after you register. Registration fee is $10.

Aviation and Flight Training Course Schedule and Registration

Child Development

The Child Development non-credit courses at Tulsa Community College mirror the courses within the academic program, which are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children Associate Degree program (NAEYC). Non-credit offerings allow for circumstances outside of a student's pursuit of an academic degreed pathway.

Child Development programs will prepare students for a variety of careers working with young children and their families. Whether students choose to pursue an Associate of Science degree (AS), Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) or Certificate program, they will receive the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their child development career goals. Those enrolling through Continuing Education may be eligible for Prior Learning credits - ask your Child Development program advisor! Schedule a phone or on-campus conference with a Child Development faculty member by calling our office at (918) 595-8077.

Completion of the Associate of Science degree prepares graduates for jobs such as Early Head Start and Head Start teacher assistant, preschool teacher assistant, parent educator, family support professional, child care center administrator and state agency employee. The Associate of Science degree will transfer to four year institutions for students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree and/or Oklahoma teacher certification.

Continuing Education (non-credit) Child Development Course Schedule and Registration

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program. Engineering Technology offers various options: Specialized Training in 3-D Courseware, Associate Degree in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology, a Certificate in Drafting and Computer-Aided Design, a Certificate in Quality Technology, a Certificate in Manufacturing Production Technology, and an Associate Degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. More information may be found by visiting the Engineering Technology homepage.

Engineering Technology Course Schedule and Registration

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The faculty and staff of the English as a Second Language program at Tulsa Community College are ready to help you become more proficient in the English language so that you may be successful in the classroom, the workplace, and other social surroundings where English is used.

As an ESL student at TCC, you have access to the same student services as fully admitted students. You can be a part of student organizations, attend college and community activities, explore professions in the Career Center, and use the Fitness Center to develop the body as well as the mind.

Students who want to enroll in the ESL Institute must take the official TOEFL® or IELTS test. Required score ranges:

Paper-based TOEFL®: 350 - 459
Computer-based TOEFL®: 63 -139
Internet-based TOEFL®: 20 - 47
IELTS (Academic)®: 3 - 4.5

ESL Contact Information

ESL Course Schedule and Registration


A beginning course in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing French. The first in a sequence of related courses. French classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program. For more information on French academic program requirements, please visit the School of Liberal Arts & Communication home page.

French I Course Schedule and Registration

GED Test Preparation

In order to best serve our learners, the GED review sections have been divided into 4 separate classes based on the subject. This will allow flexibility in scheduling classes for the learner as well as allow them to only register for sections they need to review.

English (Reading/Writing):

You will learn how to obtain the ability to read thoroughly, write clearly, to edit, and understand the concept of standard written English in context as well to determine the details of what is openly stated and make rational conclusions in order to respond to questions.

Social Studies:

You will learn how to apply reasoning skills into key concepts widely used in civics and government, United States history, economics, geography and the world, and that which is most relevant to human population.


Solve simple mathematics such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing by working on quantitative and algebraic problems. Learn to read tables, graphs, and charts in order to perform calculations and interpret data into graphical representations. Learn properties of numbers and functions as well learn to recognize basic expressions, equations, and inequalities.


You will learn how to recognize graph’s features, understand tools and methods in experiments, and evaluate models in order to form hypotheses, predictions, and conclusions based on data studied in life, physical, earth and space science.

GED Test Prep Schedule and Registration

Victory for the GED, HiSET, and TASC Tests 7th Edition
Published y: Cambridge Education Services
ISBN-13: 978-1-58894-198-5

*Registration cost will include the cost of the book. For students who take multiple class session for GED review, please contact the Continuing Education for a refund of the book price for any subsequent sections you register for after the initial section.

Taking the GED Exam Through TCC:
While the GED exam is not included as part of the review course tuition, GED candidates can arrange to take individual sections of the GED exam through TCC Testing Services. For more information on GED Testing through TCC please visit the TCC Testing Services GED web page.

Home and Garden

Turn your brown thumb into a vibrant green thumb. Whether it's home gardening, designing your own landscaping, or cooking gourmet meals in the comfort of your home, Continuing Education has something of interest for you in our Home and Garden Series.

Upcoming courses:

Cooking Healthy on a Budget

Perhaps you've adjusted to what has become the "new normal" these days, but has your budget? Do you find yourself and/or your family spending more time at home and more money at the grocer these days to maintain your healthy diet? Hear from an expert grocery shopper and food fanatic about ways to save when it comes to choosing produce over processed. Prepare to shop frugally and cook dinner online in real time from your own home with your instructor. October and December classes will include a favorite seasonal dish, and registrants will receive communications about supplies needed to prepare for the course.

Home Feng Shui: Marrying Your Inside Space to Your Outdoor Living Area
Are you inspired by the beauty of showcase homes? Do you want your home and yard to reflect YOUR style and personality? This new course will help you tie the design of your outdoor living areas to your inside space. You will learn how to evaluate your spaces, set goals, learn basic elements of design, as well as creating a design plan, and how to accomplish it all on a shoestring budget.

My Ailing Houseplants!
Are your plants in need of a reboot? Would you like to keep your plants green and happy year round? Learn vital tips on how to keep your plants happy and healthy year round, including where they should be placed and their lighting, water, and food needs. Finally, recognize the first signs that a plant is in distress, how to diagnose and how to treat the most-common houseplant maladies, and when is the proper time to move plants outside.

DIY Landscape Design
This new course will focus on designing your own landscape features and turning it into a total DIY project. From planning your design to carrying it out, you will learn aspects of the entire landscaping process like purchasing the materials and doing the installation yourself, as well as planning for maintenance long term to ensure a painless and cost-effective process from start to finish.

Home & Garden Course Schedule and Registration

Introduction to Interpreting (Various Languages)

Courses are designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the profession of interpreting, including the Code of Ethics, certification criteria, the roles and responsibilities of an interpreter, simultaneous and court interpreting, and compensation. The role of the interpreter in a variety of professional settings including educational, medical, legal, the performing arts, mental health, and employment will be addressed. Interpreting classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program. For more information on World Language academic program requirements, please visit the School of Liberal Arts & Communication home page.

Intro to Interpreting Course Schedule and Registration

Japanese and Kanji

Japanese: A beginning course in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Japanese. The first in a sequence of related courses. Japanese classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program.

Japanese Course Schedule and Registration

Kanji: A review of JLPT N5 kanji and their usage. Conducted in Japanese and English. Prerequisite: JAPN 1103 with grade of “C” or better. Kanji classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program.

For more information on either the Japanese or Kanji academic program requirements, please visit the School of Liberal Arts & Communication home page.

Kanji Course Schedule and Registration

Photography Certification Series

Our Tulsa Community College Continuing Education Photography Program is designed for enthusiastic students who want to learn to use a digital camera either as a hobby or in the pursuit of a photography career. Courses are taught by experienced professionals who are well-respected in their fields. Our instructors’ dedication helps students improve their skills, guiding them to become better photographers and even put them on the path to owning their own photography business. Our classroom-based and instructor-led programs will engage students through interactive homework assignments, photo critiques, private Q&A sessions, and lots of hands-on experience.

Note: Ed2go's photography courses will not count towards the certification programs.

Photography Certificate Series: Tulsa Community College Continuing Education offers a Photography Certificate Program that provides three paths, depending on your interest. These include the Hobbyist Photography Certification, the Proficient Photography Certification, and the Advanced Photography Certification. Once you have completed the requisites for your program of choice, complete the required form to receive your related Photography Program Certificate.

*NEW for Spring 2021* TCC Continuing Education is offering a limited number of photography bundles designed to help students register for all the courses needed for their selected certificate as well as save them some money off of the individual course registration fees. For more info click on Photography Course Schedule and Registration at the bottom of this section.

Hobbyist Photography Certification Course Requisites:

  1. Photography Level One
  2. Photography Level Two
  3. Photography Level Three
  4. Elective (Student's Choice)
  5. Elective (Student's Choice)

Hobbyist Photography Application for Certificate

Proficient Photography Certification Course Requisites:

  1. Photography Level One
  2. Photography Level Two
  3. Photography Level Three
  4. Digital Editing Flow: Lightroom to Photoshop
  5. The Business of Photography
  6. Elective (Student's Choice)
  7. Elective (Student's Choice)

Proficient Photography Application for Certificate

Advanced Photography Certification Course Requisites:

  1. Photography Level One
  2. Photography Level Two
  3. Photography Level Three
  4. Digital Editing Flow: Lightroom to Photoshop
  5. Lighting for Photographers
  6. The Business of Photography
  7. Elective (Student's Choice)
  8. Elective (Student's Choice)
  9. Elective (Student's Choice)

Advanced Photography Application for Certificate

Full Downloadable Photography Course Catalog

Photography Course Schedule and Registration

Retirement Planning

Join TCC Continuing Education in our retirement planning series "GPS to Retirement". Taught by Woodland Wealth Management's Chuck Bigbie and using the Retirement Planning Today curriculum this program will help you navigate your way to a successful retirement as well as helping you avoid some of the pitfalls you may encounter while planning. During your course you will explore the following areas of retirement planning:

​Life Planning for Retirement ​Retirement Needs & Expenses
Retirement Roadblock & Mistakes
Retirement Income Sources
Retirement Plan Distributions
Risk Management & Asset Protection
Estate Planning

The course comes with a financial planning and retirement textbook.

Retirement Planning Course Schedule and Registration


A sequence of courses in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Self-paced laboratory is required. Spanish classes offered through Continuing Education are offered in parallel to courses within the degree certificate or associates program. For more information on Spanish academic program requirements, please visit the School of Liberal Arts & Communication home page.

Spanish Course Schedule and Registration


Curious to know the best travel tips despite our "new normal"? Check back here often for updated class schedules on short courses about the best ways to travel, the hidden gems of the world, and the must-be-in-the-know-before-you-go information!


Travel in a Post-COVID World

Our world has been transformed by a global pandemic. Things we took for granted, like traveling and vacations aren't as convenient or easy any more. In this 2 hour workshop presented by Go Global Travel, you will learn some of the new realities of travel in the world today. Sessions will focus on traveling domestically and what that looks like in a post-COVID world while the 2nd session will focus on traveling internationally and what steps US citizens must now take to travel to Europe, Asia, and other international destinations.

Travel Course Schedule and Registration

Voice Overs

In what could be one of the most enlightening 2 hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show you how YOU could actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos and more! Most people go about it the wrong way. In this class, you will learn about a unique, outside the box way to cash in on one of the most lucrative full or part-time careers out there! This is a business that you can handle on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with practically no overhead! And NOW is the best time to make this happen as new companies are looking for new voices like never before. This exciting and fun class could be the game changer you’ve been looking for! This program is put on by Such a Voice, an industry leading company representing individuals in the commercial voice-over industry.

VOICEOVERS Class Schedule and Registration

Writing Series

Introducing TCC Continuing Education's New Writing Series!

Select ONE of any of these for $99! OR Take ALL THREE for just $149 - a nearly 50% savings!

Fiction & Nonfiction Writing: Creating The Intrigue: 

There’s nothing safe about a good story. Not if it’s a living thing. Not if it snaps off the page and bites you. Stories were never meant to be docile things. Just sitting there. Just twiddling their thumbs.
A good story – a great one, even – will affect you physically. Your heart will pound. Or swell. Your mouth will whimper. Your throat will tighten. You’ll laugh so loud and unexpectedly the reaction will scare you. You’ll feel. You’ll be lost. You’ll enter a mysterious world and fight to ever be forced out again.
Now, that’s a good story.
But how do we make our stories come alive like that? How do we make them breathe and gasp and make our reader wiggle with discomfort or satisfaction? How do we become a writer with that kind of force?
How? We sharpen all the writer’s tools – some known, some secret – until a little blood is left on the edges. Are you game?

Memoir Writing: The Story of You:

The horizon is calling. There’s a story to tell out there. A story of loss and love, war and victory, comical mishaps and brutally unfunny lessons. And, that story is yours.
You’ve been gathering experiences and knowledge and wisdom like precious glittery stones stuffed into a velvet bag and secreted away into lockbox.
It’s time to put them on display.
Your stories could have impact on the lives around you far beyond what you can imagine, as well as an impact on the lives yet to come. There are treasured insights there. And priceless intuition.
Don’t keep it hidden. Tell your story. Now is the time.
In these writing classes, you’ll get all the tools you need for the journey and insight on how to make this your grandest escapade, yet.

Business Writing Skills That Produce

The silent killer attacking your time and sabotaging your potential could be as innocent as the words you type.
Written communication in business is bottomless. Your communication with clients/customers/co-workers is frequently through email. Your work is generally outlined in reports. Your sales pitches are often given through presentations and proposals. Your successes, findings, requests, recommendations, all eventually end up in black and white.
But, are you seeing the results you want? Or, do you dread when another writing project hits your desk? Be confident, prepared, and in control of your written
communication by bringing your words into focus.
It’s easier than you think. All you need are a few simple-to-learn, easy-to-execute writing guidelines to streamline your time and increase understanding between you and your intended audience.

Writing Series Course Schedule and Registration