Professional Development & Certifications

If you work in a field where college degrees are not required or available, earning a professional certificate may be the only credential that can prove your qualification. We work with Tulsa Community College academic departments and industry leaders to provide professional certificates for today's most in-demand fields. Our courses are designed to strengthen and enhance a person's ability to perform a job or task. Professional certifications may not be mandatory, but becoming certified increases your value as an employee can significantly improve your chances of growing in your profession, getting a raise, or taking on new opportunities.​

If you are a senior or TCC employee, your course may be eligible for a 10% discount. Discounts can only be applied with registration over the phone. To schedule a time to redeem the discount, email us at

If you are a military spouse, you may be eligible for financial assistance from MyCAA. Click the link to read about eligibility guidelines.

Court Reporting


January 3, 2022, Beginning Court Reporting Machine Technology (first module of 18 modules)

Other registration:

Speed Building and Returning Court Reporting Student Registration


Court Reporters type word-for-word transcriptions at trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings.


Most work in courts or legislatures. Some work from home or a central office to provide broadcast captioning for television stations or for individuals who are hard of hearing.


Court reporting is a fantastic career with amazing earning potential and many opportunities to work as much or as little as fits your schedule. With a Court Reporting Certificate, you will be qualified for positions that include official court reporter, freelance court reporter, closed captioner, and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) provider. Starting salaries begin at approximately $45,000/year. Employment for court reporters is expected to grow 7 percent from 2018 - 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE (to those who qualify):

  • Book reimbursement
  • Equipment loans
  • Tuition assistance
  • An application is required. Call us at (918) 595-8804 for details and to apply.


  • 18- month program
  • 6 modules over 66 weeks; each module is comprised of 3 submodules; each submodule is 3 to 4 weeks in length
  • Training focuses on high accuracy and speed intervals of 180, 200, and 225 words per minute


This program is not eligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA). Tuition on a monthly average is $355/submodule, for an approximate total program cost of $6,400. *Total program cost can vary depending on how quickly you progress through the speed building portion of the course, as there may be the need for speed building classes after program end to gain sufficient hand speed to qualify to sit for the state test. These classes will be offered at a reduced monthly rate once all other courses are completed. Senior and employee discounts from TCC CE are not applicable.


  • Stenographic Machine: The machine needs to be real-time ready - very important. Must include wide asterisk and wide DZ keys (can be student or professional model). The machines will range anywhere in price from $300 to $1600 for student models; rentals are available for an average of $55/month. The stenographic machine is to be attached to a laptop (No Apple products).
    • How does the stenograph machine's design set up me up for the most success of improving my speed?
      • ​22 keys
      • phonetic spelling system
      • left hand = initial consonant
      • right hand = ending consonant
      • entire words typed at the same time
  • Computer: Windows-based laptop with the following minimum specifications - processor speed of 2GHz or higher (an Intel i3, i7, or AMD equivalent is recommended); 40 GB hard drive with at least 20 GB of free space (an 80 GB hard drive is recommended.
  • Required Text: "Mark Kislingbury's Magnum Steno: Beginning Theory."

Speed Building and Returning Court Reporting Student Registration

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the foundational emergency cardiovascular course for all healthcare professionals and first responders intended to help improve patient outcomes. BLS teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in pre-hospital and in-facility settings. BLS Provider status surpasses requirements for CPR (C) or CPR Healthcare Provider (HCP) unless stated otherwise. This training is a prerequisite for TCC EMS courses, including EMT, AEMT and Paramedic. Students will receive a BLS Provider card from the American Health Association upon course completion.

Basic Life Support Course Schedule & Registration

Excel for the Novice, Business, and Advanced User

Whether you consider yourself at the Novice, Business, or Advanced user level, TCC Continuing Education has any one of these short-course offerings for you to advance your understanding and skill. In four short hours, you will learn how to use Excel confidently every day. You will know how to use spreadsheets and graphs, how to track data, format cells to more in-depth information for the Business and Advanced user like advanced workbook formatting, functions, working with macros and advanced charting and more! Tuition includes the textbooks for you to take home. Classes are located at our Northeast and Southeast campuses and open to virtual attendance as well!

Excel Course Schedule and Registration

Foodservice Manager's Certification

Our certification courses are designed to meet the requirements of the Tulsa Food Code through the National Restaurant Association of Food Safety Professionals. Each food service establishment must have personnel who are certified in food safety. This certification ensures that food service supervisory personnel possess safe techniques knowledge for all areas of food service. After successful completion of the computerized test, you will receive your test results on the same day of the test.

  • The certification is nationally recognized by ANSI-CFP and is good for five years.
  • Tests are available in several languages including English, Chinese, French Canadian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Large Print, and must be requested at the time of enrollment.
  • A legal and valid picture ID must be presented before the exam.
  • Payment is due upon registration.


Full Foodservice Manager's Certification

  • Includes class lecture, study guide, review and test.
  • Meets 8:30am to 5pm on the first day and 8:30am to 12:30pm on the second day.

Foodservice Manager's Recertification

  • Includes study guide, review and test.
  • Meets 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Foodservice Manager's Test*

  • Test only.
  • Meets 10:30am to 12:30pm unless otherwise stated.


100% refund will be given if a written, faxed, or emailed request is made to Continuing Education and Workforce Development office two (2) full business days between Monday and Friday before the first day of class. However, if you have received the study guide, you are not eligible for a refund. We may, though, reschedule you to the next class. Refunds will not be issued for non-attendance nor inability to finish coursework. We reserve the right to amend this policy for specialized programs and events.

*IMPORTANT: The day of the exam, you must present a Photo ID with signature. Acceptable forms of this are driver's license, state ID, student ID, military ID, employee ID, green card, or valid passport. You cannot use photocopy. You cannot take the exam without a valid photo ID.

Foodservice Manager's Course Schedule and Registration

Human Resources (SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP)

Establish yourself as a globally-recognized human resources expert by earning the new standard in HR certification: SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). These professional certifications can open doors for professional advancement, serve to harmonize standards with changing expectations and signal to employers advanced professional development. They reflect what HR practitioners need to know to be leaders in their organization and the profession.

Ensure you are prepared with TCC's Continuing Education and Workforce Development's SHRM CP and SPC courses. These are designed for SHRM credential candidates. Expand and test your knowledge and practical, real-life competencies in areas critical for career success. The intensive courses combine expert instruction with the SHRM Learning System for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP, so you will learn faster, retain more knowledge, and stay on track for success.


  • HR Competencies
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • Employee Engagement
  • Learning & Development
  • Total Rewards and Organizational Effectiveness & Development
  • Structure of the HR Function
  • Workplace Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Technology & Data
  • HR in the Global Context
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • U.S. Employment Laws & Regulations
  • Business & HR Strategy
  • SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP Exam Overview and Discussion


Course materials are included and may be picked up prior to class, after completing registration and signing the Book Release Form. The CE Program Coordinator will notify students of these arrangements prior to class starting. Once materials are picked up, no refund will be given.

SHRM Course Schedule and Registration

Project Management - Project Success Method - Methodology

Project Success Method -- Methodology

For over 38 years, techniques learned from the proprietary Project Success Method have helped teams dramatically improve their project performance through:

  • Formal detailing of project requirements,
  • Collaborative development of project plans, and
  • Successful project execution through an accountable control process.

The Project Success Method offers the best of both worlds. It is a blend of traditional waterfall project management and the Agile approach, enabling teams to move quickly while ensuring their customers have a delivery date they can trust.

The powerful and practical hands-on methodology can be learned in our 18 ½ hour class and applied immediately upon completion.

The Project Success Method requires no project management or Agile experience, no software tools, and no templates. The Project Success Method can be used in any business application and any project scenario. The Project Success Methodology is neither simply “academic” nor “theory”; it provides the most effective and efficient real-world process for developing, ensuring, and maintaining a consistency in approach within project teams.

The Project Success Method™ - Practitioner Certification (PSM-P)
The Practitioner Certification is the first and only practical hands-on project management certification which demonstrates your knowledge of techniques to manage any type, kind or size project scenario consistently using a proven repeatable project methodology. Start to finish!

The PSM-P is not about memorizing a book and trying to apply that knowledge to different project scenarios. This is about proving you have learned a powerful 38-year proprietary proven methodology to manage any team in any project scenario. Its actionable and about doing it, not static and trying to determine what to apply based on adapting multiple general knowledge areas.

To qualify for the PSM-P an individual must attend and successfully complete a Project Success Method class from PSI or a PSI approved college or university partner.

PLEASE NOTE - THE PROJECT SUCCESS METHOD PSM-P CERTIFICATION EXAM IS A SEPARATE REGISTRATION AND AN ADDITIONAL COST. Please visit the PSI website for more details on how to register and take the certification exam at


None. No prior project management experience, training, or certification is required.


You participate in live online classes as they are happening in real-time, from anywhere around the world with an internet connection. PSI instructors teach students in a virtual classroom: you attend these courses online. Classes include full participation, course materials, breakout sessions, demonstrations and all the same activities and content as a live in-person class.


This program is designed for:

  • Individuals wanting to learn a proven, robust and repeatable methodology for managing projects.
  • Certified PMP’s seeking a practical, application-oriented project management approach and/or PDUs to maintain their credential.
  • Non-certified project managers who want to learn how to better foster a collaborative environment and a spirit of accountability for delivering projects.
  • Agile practitioners who want to learn how to find – and leverage – schedule flexibility with a waterfall approach.
  • Members of project teams and key project contributors who want to learn what should be expected from them when working within a project scenario.
  • Sponsors of projects who want to make sure the team is working within an environment and with an approach that will ultimately lead to their – and the organization’s – success.
  • Project management office (PMO) staff who need to understand how to better support a project manager/team and the meaning of various types of project schedule-related data.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the purposes and benefits of a common project management method.
  • Specify project objectives and constraints with respect to quality, time, and cost.
  • Develop management procedures to promote collaboration, coordination and cooperation among project participants with different backgrounds and priorities.
  • Apply a set of proven techniques for planning, organizing, scheduling, and budgeting projects.
  • Analyze the trade-offs among time, cost, and productive resources to make sound project planning and control decisions.
  • Control projects toward successful completion – within specifications, on-time, and within budget.
  • Understand process-related behaviors which can enhance teamwork and increase the likelihood of a project’s success.
  • Use the methodology to plan, schedule, manage and successfully complete any type or size project.


  • Introduction / Key Principles
  • Project Chartering
  • Work Breakdown Structure / Team Organization
  • Precedence Network Analysis
  • Activity Duration Estimating / Scheduling Calculations
  • Project Duration/Cost Compression Analysis
  • Overview of Project Staffing & Budgeting
  • Overview of Project Control
  • Conclusion & Glossary


  • 2 Days (2 x 9 1/2 hours including midday lunch break)
  • 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST

Note: Additional schedule options (such as four half-day sessions) can be made available for groups of 10 or more.

Project Success Method-Methodology

The Project Success Method (PSM) methodology is a blend of traditional waterfall project management and the Agile approach. The complete start to finish methodology enables individuals and teams to plan, schedule and manage project quickly while ensuring their customers have a delivery date they can trust.

The powerful and practical hands-on methodology can be learned in our 20 hour class and applied immediately upon completion. The methodology can be used with any software tools or templates. The PSM can be used in any business application and any project scenario. No prior project management experience, training, or certification is required. For non-certified project managers, agile practitioners, project team members and PMPs who want to learn a repeatable methodology. Remote, live instruction.

Project Success Method Course Schedule and Registration

Project Success Method Toolkit Class for Microsoft Project

No prior Microsoft Project experience is required. The Project Success Toolkit is a proprietary add-on for Microsoft Project 2013/2016/2019 that augments the core functionality of Microsoft Project. Over 6200 users around the world including many in the world’s best-known companies are using the Toolkit to more efficiently and effectively manage their projects. The Toolkit enhances the scheduling functionality of Microsoft Project and allows the user to follow the Project Success Method by enabling critical path and duration-based scheduling. This program is designed for prospective users of Microsoft Project. Remote, live instruction.

PSM Toolkit Class for Microsoft Project Course Schedule and Registration