Course Placement Tests

What to Expect

  • TCC administers Accuplacer course placement tests which cover three subject areas: mathematics, writing an essay and reading comprehension. 
  • These tests are not pass/fail. They assess your skill level in the specific subject areas so that you will be placed in appropriate courses for academic success.
  • Each test is untimed. You may take as much time as you need on any or all Accuplacer tests.
  • The math test provides a calculator when it is allowed for a problem (no outside calculators allowed).
  • You are welcome (and highly encouraged) to take breaks as needed during the test.
  • If at any time during the reading or math test you need to leave, or prefer to finish on another day, let the testing staff know and your test can be saved for 10-14 days.  For the essay writing test, you must complete it on the same day it is started.
  • The score(s) you receive on the test(s) will determine course enrollment. Your score(s) may place you into college-level courses (for degree credit) or developmental prep courses (not for degree credit) designed to prepare you for college-level courses, depending on your readiness.  NOTE:  High school concurrent students may not enroll in developmental prep courses.
  • The Math Accuplacer test CANNOT be taken on the same day as any other Accuplacer test.  Please make necessary arrangements to visit the Testing Center on two separate dates if you have math in addition to reading and/or essay writing tests to take. 
  • If you would like to re-test in any subject area, you must visit with an advisor to receive a new referral and you must complete the test prep (see below) for that subject area or you will not be allowed to re-test.


Locations & Fee

There is no fee to take the placement test.

Offered at all locations to include the Owasso Community Campus and the Education Outreach Center.

If you live outside the Tulsa area and would like to take the course placement test at a location in your area and have scores submitted for placement at TCC, please contact the Northeast Campus Testing Center at (918) 595-7534 to obtain current Accuplacer testing locations throughout the nation.


Registration & Test Score Expiration

Accuplacer placement tests are administered on a walk-in basis, based on computer availability at each campus. However, you MUST have been referred by the Academic Advising office or by Admissions (indicated in your Admissions email) prior to testing.  Only admitted students with a TCC Student ID number are allowed to take the placement test(s).  TCC does not accept Accuplacer test scores from other institutions; you must have taken the test(s) at TCC.  Personal test scores expire after 5 years*.

*if TCC changes the test or placement process, your score(s) will expire 2 years from the point the process or test changed.    



  • The Accuplacer test has an accessibility wizard that may be used at any time by clicking on the icon located on the top right of every page of the test.  This feature will allow you to adjust the font type and size, color scheme, and line spacing at any point during the test. 
  • Accuplacer Placement tests are available in alternative formats such as braille, paper, large print and audio CD.

For students requiring special testing accommodations, please contact the Education Access Center prior to the test to request appropriate accommodations as needed.  The Education Access Center can be reached at 918-595-7115.


Test Preparation

(mandatory for re-testing but encouraged for all prior to testing)

Directions to do required prep for Accuplacer retesting

  1. Create an account with Accuplacer 
  2. Select Next Generation Practice Tests then the subject area that corresponds to the test you need to take:   
  • Reading
  • Arithmetic
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics
  • Advanced Algebra and Functions
  1. Complete the practice test and print out, or take a picture with your phone, the percentage score sheet (if you are completing the prep as a requirement to re-test).
    If you do not have access to a computer and/or printer, please visit a computer lab at any TCC campus.
  2. Bring this scoresheet to the Testing Center if you are re-testing.  If you did not capture the scoresheet, you can access it under your "History" tab within the Study App.  Remember that you must have received a referral from an advisor to test or re-test.
  3. For the Writeplacer essay, please review the following guides to help prepare you for the Writeplacer (essay writing) assessment:

    WritePlacer materials from TCC Faculty

    WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays

    Print the Attestation page of the WritePlacer Guide with Sample Essays, sign and date, then bring it to the Testing Center if you are re-testing.
    If you do not have access to a computer and/or printer, please visit a computer lab at any TCC campus.

For more options to prepare:

Information and sample questions for all Next Generation Accuplacer tests:

Accuplacer Student Practice


Khan Academy


Purple Math

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