How to Apply to Tulsa Achieves

2019 high school graduate application is available now. Only 2019 high school seniors residing in Tulsa County are eligible to apply.

Tulsa County High School seniors must follow this step-by-step process in order to receive the Tulsa Achieves scholarship. We recommend that you start the process in early January to allow time to complete each step.

Steps at a Glance

Step 1: Complete a TCC Web Application for Admission

*If you have already applied to TCC as a concurrent high school student, skip this step.

To complete an application for admission, you must first set up an admissions account. If you already have a My TCC user account, login. Then complete the application

You must provide a valid email address. All communication during the application period from Tulsa Achieves will be sent to this email address.

Apply to TCC

Step 2: Submit the FAFSA

This step can only be completed as soon as tax information is available but should be submitted as early as possible. To complete the online FAFSA, have your most recent tax forms available and login to your FAFSA account from step 1.

When prompted, enter the TCC School Code: 009763

Once finished, "sign" the form using your electronic PIN number.

Step 3: Complete a Tulsa Achieves agreement form

Use your MyTCC login information to login.

Your MyTCC username is your CWID (e.g. T12345678) the password will be the student's MyTCC password. When you receive your TCC admissions email (this may take up to 5 days), login into MYTCC using your CWID and 6-digit DOB (MMDDYY) format. You will be prompted to change your MYTCC portal password. This new password, used with the CWID as the username will grant access to the TA program Agreement Form.

  • Read the form carefully.
  • Select the box beside your length of residency in Tulsa County.
  • Select the "Click to Sign" button and use your MyTCC login information again to electronically sign the form.
  • Select the "Click to Submit" button to electronically submit your form.
  • (Please look for the confirmation box that your form has been received.)
  • Print a copy of the signed forms for your records. This may require you to "export" the document and save it to your computer.

If you need assistance with your MyTCC login information, call TCC Client Services at (918)595-2000.

Students must have MyTCC login information to complete this form. MyTCC login information will be sent to the student after they have completed the TCC Application for Admission.

2019 Tulsa Achieves agreement form

Step 4: Submit ACT or ACCUPLACER score

ACT scores should be emailed or submitted in person to any campus Enrollment Services office (ACT scores are only used for placement; there is no "minimum" score a student must achieve to be admitted to TCC or Tulsa Achieves), or visit a TCC campus and complete the ACCUPLACER Test. The ACCUPLACER Test is offered free of charge at all TCC campuses, and may be used in place of, or in combination with ACT scores. No appointment is needed for the ACCUPLACER, students simply visit a campus with a photo ID and obtain a referral to take the test.

College placement test scores are required to enroll. Please bring a copy of your scores with you to the TA First Class session.


Step 5: Sign up for New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is mandatory for all new Tulsa Achieves students. Orientation is intended to help you become members of our college community.
At the Orientation, you receive important information about academic policies and the course registration process.

New Student Orientation is for students only. Parent sessions will be held separately and dates will be posted to the TA website.

All students who require an ADA accommodation for NSO, such as a sign language interpreter, are to contact Disability Resources as soon as possible:

  • To request a sign language interpreter: (918) 595-7428 (Voice), (918) 809-1864 (Text) or e-mail
  • For other accommodations: (918) 595-7115 or e-mail
  • Advanced notice is required.

More information on New Student Orientation, including schedules and registration can be found here:

New Student Orientation

Step 6: Attend New Student Orientation

All incoming Tulsa Achieves students must attend a New Student Orientation to enroll.

Step 7: Submit final high school transcript

Final High School Transcripts should be submitted to any campus Enrollment Services office. Transcripts can be submitted in-person, mailed or sent direct from high school.

Transcript MUST list graduation date, as well as final, unweighted GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Enrollment Services

Step 8: Enroll in classes

All new Tulsa Achieves students must be enrolled before classes begin in August.


Disability Resources (DR)

Do you wish to request accommodations for TCC classes in the current or following semester?  If no, then skip this. If yes then click or press enter to show more information about DR.

Please proceed to the Disability Resources pages to learn more about ADA accommodations. 

Disability Resources