School of Science & Mathematics

School of Science & Mathematics

Important update: The School of Science and Mathematics is now working remotely, however you can still reach us through email or by phone.

Email: ○ Metro Office: (918) 595-7334 ○ Northeast Office: (918) 595-7542 ○ Southeast Office: (918) 595-7742 ○ West Office: (918) 595-8193

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Welcome to The School of Science & Mathematics

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Science and Mathematics faculty and staff are committed to your learning and its quality. We hope you will find your classes to be intellectually stimulating, taught by instructors who believe in your ability as a student. We endeavor to provide a variety of experiences that will be the foundation for your learning.

We offer a variety of courses to serve every student, regardless of their educational plan. Our small class sizes, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and qualified faculty prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university, entrance into a technical/occupational program, or pursuit of an associate degree. All courses are supported by tutoring services with emphasis on the use of technology to complement the learning process.

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Contact Information


Metro Office
(918) 595-7334
Location: MC 620

Northeast Office
(918) 595-7542
Location: NEC AB138F

Southeast Office
(918) 595-7742
Location: SEC 8125

West Office
(918) 595-8193
Location: WCSM-160