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Tulsa Community College Continuing Education serves as an educational resource providing an innovative impact on social, economic, and workforce development. The program offers knowledgeable, experienced, and student-centered instructors for a wide variety of areas, whether you are interested in exploring a home hobby, need to pursue a certification for work retention and/or advancement, or have specific employee training needs.

Classes are a few clicks away, or you may call (918) 595-7200 to explore customized offerings.


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About Us

Since 1971, the Tulsa Community College Continuing Education and Workforce Development department has served the local community by providing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and professional certifications to help students start and succeed in their professions. We work with TCC's academic schools and divisions, local businesses and institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to address workforce and economic development needs. Our goal is to help improve the district by offering relevant and innovative academic credit/non-credit programs.

Continuing Education is a lifelong learning process that directly impacts our community by preparing an innovative, competent, creative, and resilient workforce. Each year, 245 professional and personal development courses are offered, and nearly 400 students complete non-credit online courses.

Mission Statement

Tulsa Community College Continuing Education and Workforce Development directly betters the Tulsa area community by offering relevant, life-long learning opportunities, leading to professional fulfillment, workplace competencies, and skills development.

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Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Tulsa Community College is ready to help you discover the right non-credit classes!

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Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Beth Wild
Director of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
(918) 595-7200

Katie Adkins
Registration Assistant / Accounting
(918) 595-7833

Brandon Almeida
Education Specialist / Program Coordinator
(918) 595-8805

Kat Harding
Registration Assistant
(918) 595-7200

Melanie Hill
Program / Enrollment Coordinator
(918) 595-8908

Matt Leslie
Registration Assistant
(918) 595-7766

Jean Ronketty
Registration Assistant / Accounting
(918) 595-7833