Academic Advising

Academic Advising provides services designed for student success. Professional advisors help students with choice of major, degree planning, course selection, prerequisite and placement requirements for courses, graduation, and transfer college information.

Declaring or Changing a Major

Visit with an Academic Advisor today. After meeting with an advisor, you should follow the degree plan for the new major as advised.

Advising for Declared Majors

If you have been enrolled every semester since you started at TCC and have a declared major, schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor.

Advising for New Students and Undeclared Majors

If you are a new student, have not been enrolled for more than a year, or have not declared a major or are not seeking a degree join us in our virtual Zoom Room.

Degree Planning

Work with an advisor to review your degree progress using the electronic-based degree audit and advising tool, Degree Works.